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Ferrero Rocher, Gift of Love

Wow! Isn't this romantic? A bouquet of 'flowers'. I bet most of you have seen this in Kuching town and in shopping complex all over the place....

This flower consist of 15 pieces of Ferrero Rocher. I still remember that in one advertisement, it says Ferrero Rocher represent the heart of the man. So, for those who wants to get your girlfriend/fiancee/wife attention, don't hesitate to spend around RM100 to get one of this! It's worth the money! I also take a close shot of the 'flowers' Hehehe...

And don't forget to buy this too .. A small cake with heart shape. Can be found in Mita Cake House and it cost less than RM10.. Hahahaha ...

MSuite Hotel - Johor

Early this year, I went to Johor for my training, sponsored by my company. I didn't go jalan jalan much but I felt comfortable and warmth staying in the hotel. Alone, lonely and bored .. I went a tour round the hotel and take some snap shot of my room and also the surrounding. Hehehehe .... I felt like a princess. Haha!

Ok, starts with my hotel room. This is my bed. (shame on me, so messy..hehehe). It's a king size bed. One comment-the bed is so stiff leh, compare to my own bed..and lack of my smell. Hahaha!..Oh ya, ignore the date in the photo. I didn't set my camera to the correct date. :)

My kitchen. Alamak, I left my towel there. Looks like I'm a very messy person. Hehehe..Another comment is that the fridge is noisy. Hehehe..I wonder why is it that they give us so many cupboard. What to put?? But the chair is nice. It is made of so call rotan. Hehehe. And the lighting is actually very nice. Just that it gives some effect on my camera, so I turn it off. :P

My toilet..H…
Spending Planner

Some of my friends told me that they couldn't download the files. Hhmmm...wonder what would went wrong. Hehehe. Anyway, the table looks like this :
Hhmmm...quite blur huh. Anyway, the most left corner is the budgeted spending, 2nd column is the salary earn. Third column shows the overtime details while the last column shows the record of each spending.

I come out with this format myself and used it for my own purpose of tracking my expenses.

"Future is on our hand. What we do now determine what we are in the future. So, planning for future starts now, not later"

Past, Present, Future - Planning on Future

No doubt that we can't do anything to fix our past. But it isn't there for us to feel regrets or dissapointed. Past is for us to learn and gain more experience for future that is ahead of us. Indeed everyone has their own past, either good or bad. It is our choice of whether to choose to live with it or get through it. I choose to get through my past and start fresh as whatever lies ahead are much more important that whatever behinds it.

Present - we should live life happy, without regret. As present is the time for us to fix our lifestyle for future. So, don't waste it!!

Future - based on what we did in the present. We can either choose to plan for it or to go on day by day, day dreaming of our success. Nothing is free in this world. Success won't come to our way if we waste our present time day dreaming of the success without putting any effort in it.

In the past, I have been quite childish and live my life everyday without thin…