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EHS Weeks 2009

This month, my company had launched their EHS weeks and every employee is encouraged to participate. Some of you must be wondering what is EHS. EHS simply stands for Environmental Health and Safety. So among the activities during this time are blood donations, quiz for the staff and vendors, apple gift away some training related to environment, health and safety.So, apple gift away is just referring to an apple for every employees and long term vendors. BF too gets his apples. Well, his apple is with me. Hahaha…An apple a day keeps the doctors away
BF and I did not miss the chance of taking parts in the quiz. I get set 3
and BF get quiz set 1. After I had finished my quiz, BF still was doing his. Yeah, lucky me that I get the easy one. After completing the quiz, we get to go for lucky draw. And I got RM5 McD vouchers. Yeah!! This would mean that I only pay for RM1.30 if I go for the Mc Value meals. Yes!Yeah!!
BF on the other hand, got RM3 cafeteria vouchers. As we always had our lunc…

Dog Show 2009

As I mention in my other post about the dog show in Chung Hua Middle School No. 1, so last Sunday we took the opportunity to go to the dog show. One of my motives is to get food sample for my dog. Indeed, there are dog food sample. Pooh like it very much. She had already finished all of them. But I guess, unless I strike Toto, else I won’t be buying the food for her. Why? 3 cans cost RM20!! That’s huge different with other types of brand, selling in RM11 for 3 cans.

Sample Dog Food. My dog finished all the sample food already

OK, cut the crap. As expected, there are a lot of german shepherd there. Among all the shepherds, I specially like the shepherds that belongs to a lady. He is so obedient and didn’t bark at all. It was like he is used to see so many people and so many dogs around. He is big but tame and obedient. I mean, extremely obedient. Too bad that he didn’t won the competition.Golden Retriever owns by the same owner as below shepherds
The most obedient shepherd I ever saw!Pupp…

Money Not Enough - I'm Broke!

Huhuhu... I'm officially broke this month!

4 days compulsory unpaid leave simply means 15% pay cut. Good thing I do not get tax after the pay cut. Bad thing is I'm broke!!!

This month is a real headache for me:
1. Car loan - RM500++
2. PTPTN loan - RM300
3. Household - RM200
4. Insurance & Road tax - RM600
5. Annual injection for my dog - RM100 (hopefully)
6. Income tax 2008 - RM120

I have to postponed my car servicing to May'09. I wonder if my existing pay can support me with all this huge expenses.

Can anyone gives me advice what I can reduce so that I can survive this month? Apart from this, I realize that I need to buy some household needed items such as shampoos, conditioner, facial cleanser........

Argghhh, better don't want to think about it.. Maybe I should just look out from the window and day dreaming for a while instead of worrying about $$.. That's what my dog do when she is bored..