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Parenting of Today's World

When I think of growing in the big world full with advanced technology like what we have now, I am not sure whether this is good news or bad news. With all the advance technology, crimes increasing. More and more teenagers or even younger kids gets harder to teach. On the other side, the advance technology does gives us benefits too, else, I wont't be here writing in my blog!

I encounter some of the people that are stubborn, naive, bad, bla bla bla ... It makes me wonder, why is it that some people are like this while the others are like that.

Some parents now tends to try to gives everything to the kids. While they are busy working, the would try to gives anything that money can buy. Is this good? If the kids are taken care by the maid or aunties or uncles or whoever, possibility for them to turn 'black' are much less than those that are left alone at home. They would grow up, not knowing much about their parents. For them, friends are the worl…
St Faith's School - My Old Time School.

The other day, I went to St. Faith's Church to do the wedding decoration for my cousin. While waiting for the helper to come, I go round and take some snap of my old school.

Studying in SRB St. Faith from Primary 3 to Primary 6, SRB St. Faith gave me quite a number of wonderful memory. I remember playing "Serenbam" (don't know how to spell), play "tali getah", play "Congkak", Volleyball and a lot more. I also remember that my classmates always gets into argument if we play basketball or netball. Hahaha, I wonder why.

I can't admit that I am a good and obedient student. Hehehe .. I still remember bullying a kid there. We hide his bottle, bag and a lot of other stuff. But, he is still very calm and didn't get mad at all. I also remember about some of my classmate that copy other people work, making noises in the class and kena rotan by the teacher.

Oh ya, I also remember, during exam time, I will comm…
Move Forward in Life

Ice age is now history,
IT and technology is current,
Everything is moving forward,
How is future?

Future is ahead,
Life life once, move forward always,
And future is there,
Why worry of future?

Imagination is creativity,
Creativity gives us innovation,
Moving forward to achieve dreams,
And no turning back on the past.

Reality is all we have now,
Future is all we seek for,
Go forward, get your dreams,
All the best everyone!
Blue Blue Day

In spite of my shirt color (pink shirt) today, I am feeling extremely blur in the inside. Waking up at 5.45am for the need of washroom. Then, went back to sleep only to realize that I sleep on the wrong side of bed. My head is at where my leg suppose to be and vice versa. Hahahaha..

"Ping....", sms from my phone for morning call but I totally ignore, telling myself "10 more mins". Time passes, and 10 minutes passes to 30 minutes. Wake up, brush my teeth, face, take my bath, and standing in front of my cupboard, dreaming. Wahahaha...

After decide what to wear, I start my car engine and drive to work. Still, feeling lost and didn't see the traffic. Hahaha ... Lucky, I'm alive !! Got my parking, come down, and start to walk to the office ... But, .. aik, where is my stocking?? So, again, going back to my car to take my stocking and walk to the entrance.. Aik!.. My ID... Haaiizzzz, again, walking to my car to grab that stupid ID !!!!! Huh... Waste of…
New Year 2008 Celebration

So how is the 2008 welcoming celebration????? Me...... a little bit boring..

Monday, after work, I went home to take bath and eat dinner. Then go out dating. But then, not for long as I felt so tired and lazy. Worried about what my boss wants to comment. Maybe will get a big BOM soon. Haaiihhh .... I sleep at 10 on Monday night, at first, thought of waking up at 12am and call my bf to wish him Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. But..... I overslept......... Anyway, he overslept too. Hahahahaha...

Then Tuesday morning ... Walau eh!! My phone so many sms. Guess I am the only one that sleep and didn't go for the countdown. Kekekeke ... Wake up at 9am (I slept more than 10 hours, whahahaha), wait for my bf to call and we go buy lamb, chicken wing and hot dogs for bbq. Only among his family and his close friend. Kekekeke .... I took some of the photos of the marinated chicken.

After the meat is cook, I totally forgotten to take photos and only remember to eat them…
First Kiss - Golden Kiss

Hahaha ..... Well, since everyone keep on talking about getting married now, so suddenly came into my mind to talk about the first kiss.

First, what is the definition of first kiss ? Majority would say first kiss is the first time where we had our kiss. Well, for me, if that is call first kiss, most of us would have given our first key to our puppy loves partner, don't you think so? Hahahaha ... Is first kiss a kiss on cheek, on hand, or even on the lips (French kiss). Hehehe, for me, kiss on the lips and french kiss is different (those that want me to explain, get yourself a dictionary!!!!). Kiss on the lips would be like a kiss on the cheek but french kiss is totally different bah!!

For me, first kiss is the kiss that made you fall in love to your partner, not the puppy love time where we had little kiss on the lips or cheeks or whatsoever. Hahahaha!!! Well, I know I sound disgusting for some of you but, let's be open here!

When I'm dating on my pupp…
2008 Leave Plan

Been sitting here, one whole day looking at computers. It's really tiring. How I wish I can change to some job with some technical work. Like that, it's easier for me to keep fit too! Hahahaha...

Looking at my calendar, trying to plan for my holidays now. So here it goes :
Jan '08
- Planning to take leave on 11 Jan 08 (10 Jan is public holiday here)
- Also, to on leave on 16 Jan 08 (cousin wedding)

Feb '08
- Planning to take leave on 6 Feb 08 (CNY eve mar)
- Also on the 14 Feb 08 (haiya, no need to ask, that is Valentine's Day!!)

Sep '08
- Going to take on my special day!!

Hahahaha .. I think I am too "wu liau" now that I post this in my blog. Hehehehehe...

Wedding - Hot As the Hot Spring

With news all around us that someone getting married, I think the Rat year will be a good year for people to get married. So far, as have 3 confirm wedding invitation (all are my cousins) in Jan 16, Feb 1and May '08. Other than this, not sure if anyone is getting married too.

Ok, this is what I heard. It takes 1 month to register for marriage. Before marriage, there are a lot of rules and regulations (hahahaha). For chinese, 'mas kahwin' for the girl side is a must. For other race, the 'mas kahwin' are depends on each other. There are also some races in which, the girl side are the one that gives this 'mas kahwin' instead of guy side! Huh ........

Wedding is suppose to tie 2 people together, not to make their life hard. But in this 2008 and more into technology world, how can this be?? Everyone is talking about money. Money .. Money .. Money!!! Haaaiihhhh ...

I hope, for my future wedding, I'll make it the most memorable time…
Wedding Decoration @29 Dec '07

As promise, here I am again with some photos of my cousin's wedding. The place takes place at St Faith Church last Saturday. The theme of the whole decorations is white and cream color. Idea is based on the groom's sister.

The arch are covered with white clothes and flower on the top and both side of the arch. It looks ok only for me. Cost = RM400.

The Arch

Side flowers of the arch

Top flowers of the arch

Nice or not ??? Well, it's not designed by my brother.

OK. Let me start with photos before the decoration took place. It's a very peaceful church, as far as I know and the building is pretty much old (I wonder how old is the church).

And we transform it into a church with full decorations!

Let me show photos to each and every single items. The side flowers is covered with white clothing and flowers. As the theme are white and cream, so the roses are in yellow color. Actually, I thought yellow rose represent jealousy. Kekekeke .. wonder why my…