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Garden Wedding, The New Concept

When talk about garden wedding in Malaysia, my first thinking is unpredictable weather. How can we arrange a good garden wedding with all the sunny and rainy days?
Oh well, a friend of mine had did a garden wedding for her wedding. For me, although the sun is brightly shinning eating up our skins, what matters is the love shared between two person. It’s the love that brightens up and shines the whole event.
Rules of thumb for those who is preparing for garden wedding in Malaysia: -Remember to add tent at the guest sitting area-Bright colors as decorations will surely brightens up the area-Lovely MC
Okok, this is just my own personal point of view. You might have your own..

Happy wedding for those that are in the midst of preparing their big day!!

Minda Guesthouse

While planning for my trip to Miri, I’ve search all through for a reasonable hotel or place to stay for a night in Miri town. Although HB is from Miri, but he is at Niah, Miri. It is still best to find a place to stay if I wants to go round Miri town.
Of course, there’s a lot of hotels in Miri but then, we are looking for something cozy and reasonably cheap. I did some google search to see if I can find anything about place of stay in Miri.
Surprisingly, I came across this website that introduces Minda Guesthouse. You can book online too!
So what’s the cost? For one night stay, it cost RM50 per room. If you do not mind to share room, the price is  even cheaper. For me, it will be HB and me, so I prefer some privacy.
For RM50, don’t expect much. You need to:- -Share bathroom -Make your own breakfast (it is provided) -Get your own drinks at the little pantry -Turn on the aircond yourself, or if you prefer fan..

But, for RM50, it is a surpri…

Funny Conversation


Dad: Since you not yet bath, go clean the garden
Me: (went out to clean the garden)
Dad: Almost rain, come in
*One minute ask me to go out there, another second, ask me to come in..

Door Painting

Painter: tomorrow need paint another layer
Me: Oh ok, so what time you will come?
Painter: Anytime, what time you'll come?
Me: Afternoon can?
Painter: OK, morning oso can
Me: Ok, what time?
Painter: Anytime
Me: 10am?
Painter: Can, 8.30am also can
Me: 8.30 then ...

Can’t he just tell me when he want to come rather than giving me hassle to suggest a time?

Kings Archery

After polluting my blog with foods almost all the time, finally, I've got inspiration to post something which isn't about food.

I'll begin clearing all the food posting with archery. What do you think at the first place about this sports? Easy? Oh well, let me tell you, its tough!! The toughest of all, is to close my left eye and focus the arrows using my right eye. Huh!! That explains why some professional becomes 'pirates' while playing this sports. Haha...

When I'm in Miri, we came across this archery centre. Its a new one and is having promotion. RM10 for 20 arrows and free another 20 arrows. Hehehe... Both hubby and me try it out...And they have someone there to guide you too.

I'll definitely come here again when I go to Miri. Hehehe...

MIRI MIRI - Here I come

More posting to come.. and I promise, not all are food.