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30th Birthday

Old at age, young in the heart! I’m going to maintain this spirits as long as I can and never admit I’m old. Hehehe …
This year celebration is fairly simple. Just had some cakes and dinner at Hijau, BDC. Nothing fancy and with me, 8th months and exploding anytime, I rather keep it simple.
I think I’m going to gain weight with excessive eating.. hhmmmmm..

Crystal Restaurant

Previously, this restaurant is known as Dong Guan. Heard that they have change the name, not sure if the owner changed too.
I attended my cousin’s wedding on my birthday. Yeah, what a good coincidence with so many relatives celebrating together. Haha!
Here’s the food that we have for the night. I like the cold dish the most!

Overall, the food is not so bad. But portion wise, I would say it’s too little. There’s only 7 people on my table but yet, we manage to finish all the food.