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Logos Hope

Last month, the biggest book ship is here. Anyone missed out the opportunity to go and shows your support for all the volunteers?

If I'm not mistaken, previously the book ship are called Doulos. At that time, I did not manage to get a chance to visit Doulos. After the ship change to Logos Hope, it appears that I always miss the opportunity.

This year, I try to make an effort of visitin them! Yeah...

They berth at the Pending port in early April. As my office is quite near with the port, I use the opportunity of my lunch hour to pay a visit to them. Entrance fee is RM1 which I think is cheap. As the crew are basically a volunteer from all across the country, they do not have much income. The money collected are use to support the crews and maintenance of the ship.

I like being on board the ship! If I'm still young, I would wish to be one of the volunteers, travelling all around the world in ship. I bet, it must be the most thrilling experience one could have.

Now that they are on their way to the next destination, I pray that they will get their support as much as possible. It is not easy to operate such a noble mission here.

As for me, I bought some books for my kids and souvenirs too. Will look forward for their return next year.

Sleeping Style of a Toddler

What do you think a sleeping pose for a baby or toddler? As innocent as they are, their sleeping style shows how worry free they are.

Not sure about other kids, but I'm sure my little girl do enjoy sleeping very much. She can have all sorts of ways and style in sleeping. Sometimes, I do think that a king size bed won't even enough for her. Lol!!

Yoga pose: the child pose

Yoga pose? Savasana

Dancing pose?

Sexy pose

90 degree pose. Lol!!

Again, her favourite savasana pose 
Oppa Gangnam Style?

Gymnastic pose

Someitmes (actually most of the time!) I get struck by her at night - on the face, tummy and even my boobs! Sometimes, her butt are on my face. Haihzz..

How I wish I can be so worry-free like the little kids. They are such a precious little gift!

Blog's Comment

When we have kids, it is hard to balance up personal time and family time. Further, being a full time working mum, I spent 8.5 hours in office from Mon-Fri. This makes it tougher for me to balance up what I wants to do in life with quality family time.

I would sneak out some time during the lunch hour to do personal stuff - includes blogging and updating my blog. Somehow's I realize that I can't comment or reply comment in my blog or other blog! Sigh!! Must be my connection problem here. Oh well, for now, I got to live with it since blogging at home would be quite impossible at the moment.

Hopefully, after deliver, I will have further time although I doubt that. Not only that I'm a FTWM, I'm also an employee, a mother and a student! Yeah, you heard me.. I'm taking master study currently and life is even more challenging for me to balance up.

Oh well, I'm just taking some of the time to tell other bloggers who leave comments in my blog on why I don't reply. Sometimes, when I blog hop, I do want to comment but helplessly couldn't do so :(

Anyway, have a great day ahead. God Bless! 

My Little Kitchen

This will be some random photos that I took when I prepare some food for my daughter and family. Sometimes it's fun to see how much she enjoy the food that I cook.

Most of it are soup and noodles. Why? That's her favourite food! Haha..

Yoga Fan

First, I miss yoga. I miss the time that I use to spend on yoga and improving every skill that I can. Not just that, yoga gives me a healthier body and the satisfaction when I can finally achieve a tough pose.

I started yoga about five years ago (time flies). At the time, I can't even reach my hand to my leg. Can you imagine? My body is terribly corrupted and stiff. I feel like a stone!

When I first started yoga, I started with the wrong intention - to get slim down and fit body. But now, yoga just build up my confident level whenever I manage to progress into a pose. Now that I'm pregnant, I went for the prenatal yoga class whenever I can.

Many of my friends say how can yoga brings benefits? It's just a slow movement of pose. Well, through the correct breathing and practices, it not only helps with weight control but also to soften our body and make us feel good.

After I gave birth in 2012, I experience a severe back pain due to breastfeeding. Nothing I do makes it feel better. After one month stuck at home, I finally come out and start my yoga classes. I make the right choice of continuing yoga. My backpain slowly recover! Hopefully for the second birth, I still manage to catch up some yoga class later.

These pictures are all taken after I gave birth in 2012. Hopefully, I can motivate and inspire those who plan to explore yoga. I'm still learning and praying hard that after my second birth, I can still have time for yoga. 

I'm not sure about others, but then yoga makes me feel more confident in myself - that I have the capability of doing something I didn't expect I can do it. It's not all about slim down or lose weight. It is more on satisfaction when able to achieve a higher stage and building up self confident. 

So, for those pregnant ladies out there. Interested to join me at prenatal yoga class? Kekeke....

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