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Whenever we go for a party, for us, female, we would usually think what to wear, accessories and what hair style. What about choosing the perfect watch that goes with your outfit to a dinner party? Basically, there are three types of watch where women may wear to parties such as the stainless steel watch, pattern watch and leather strap watch. Those fancy dinner parties will be fabulous when you opt for the classic stainless steel watch. Whether it is gold, silver or rose gold plated, the stainless watch will definitely show off exclusivity and style effortlessly. A stainless steel watches embellished with Swarovski crystals would definitely make us glamorous Also, it matches to any evening gown. 

For dinner parties which are more casual, the pattern watch is the perfect fit for women. The creative designs of the patterns could be matched with blouse and shorts or even floral sundress. We can impress everyone at the party with this exquisite taste in watches and show off the feminine side in us. The pattern watches allows you to feel more out-going at parties with its creative designs. It will definitely leave a statement to others as soon as the party ends. This type of watch not only serves as a time telling piece but also as an accessory.

 The simple leather strap watch is also best to be worn to parties. The versatile look allows us to mix and match it with any outfit of our choice. Wear it with a tank top or maxi dress will still make us look absolutely fashionable as ever. The simple and sleek design is best to portray the elegant and humble character that we have. Besides the typical brown and black leather strap watch, we could also add more excitement on our wrist by selecting bright tone coloured strap such as pink, red, yellow, blue and more.  Match it with a plain white top or aztez printed blouse to make it more stylish. I’m sure that with these watches, nothing could go wrong!

Don’t wait further. Check out Zalora website for a wide range of watch designs from various brands and fall in love with them at first sight. Order a watch Malaysia online within the comfort of your home and have it delivered right at your doorstep! Hurry up and shop now!  


Lord, please show me Your way
To believe and trust
Faith to know its okay
Faith to be strong

In this moment
Faith seems to be lacking
Sadness had covers me
And makes me lost faith

I need Your strength Lord
To correct what's done
To have faith once again
In Your name Lord,
Let Your strength shines upon us


Keep telling myself
Things happen for a reason
Even when things goes bad
But to believe takes faith

Its not easy
Yes, believing is key
All I can do is have faith
That things happen for a reason

Its bad to wonder
Why bad things happen
Why there are bad people
I need courage and faith
To still believing

Dilemma always with us
When trouble comes
All I can do
Is to believe
Things happen for a reason

Lord, please guid me
To knows whats the best way
As I know you knows everything
That is why You allow bad thing to happen
Coz You know
It happens for a reason

Kylee Turns One

My little angel turn 1 year old!! Wow, how time flies. It's like just yesterday that I've delivered a baby and now, she is already one.

Since this is our first child, we decided to celebrate her turning one. Being the lazy us, we didn't think much of the location. Hubby likes the food at Pai Jia Le and since they have a private room for functions, we decided to hold a simple party for her.

As I'm cutting cost, I decided to DIY the backdrop. It's all mummy's hard work.. Well of course, mummy and her 'ji mui'...

As for the cake, I ordered one from TAKA and another one was a gift from my lovely 'ji mui'. And also, the cute little cup cake.

As I seldom bring her out where there's many people around, she got freak out when everyone wants to carry her. Crying each time someone comes near. Haaaihzzzzz .. But when comes to presents, I can see, she is the happiest girl that night.


Soon to be F1 model? Haha ...

Fabulosa !

New restaurant is in town! The owner is a lady with the best promoting skills I've ever know. During my first visit, I am actually amaze at the way she promotes her food. She is full with confidence and anxiety. Hhmmmmm ...

They have both local and western type of food but the expertise, as claim by the boss is western food. Hhmmmmm ..

I must admit though, that their burger is nice. It's quite a big burger for someone my size. Anyway, I can finish it. So greedy!

Local Dish:
Curry Rice

Pork Rib Rice

 Western Expertise:

"Zhu Ba Jie"

Chicken Chop
Grill Pork Burger

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