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Lydia Sum - Great Artist, Will Remembered By All

Last night, I saw news about Lydia Sum and heard that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Little did I know that the news is actually saying that she had been suffering from cancer for a while, had been coma and passed away.. Huh, blame it on me for not concentrating!!

Well, I am not a big fans of her but she is a good actress. I likes her acting in most of the movies. She is very funny and lovely! Compare with any other actress or actor, she have her own unique ways to attracts her fans.

On Oct'07, she had been admitted to hospital and very sick. Her stories of illness are everywhere including TheStar online News. She pass away after long struggles to survives.

Anyway, I think I'll miss her acting..May she rest in peace. I guess, God loves her more than all of us and would no longer see her suffers.
Babbling Again - Chap Goh Meh

Chap Goh Meh marks the 15th day of Chinese New Year Celebrations. Apart from this chap goh meh, it is also consider as my dad's birthday celebration.

I'm a little bit annoyed actually. It's because of my brother. He is selling kueh as part time job. What I'm annoyed is that, as my office hour is until 5.30, therefore I can only reach home at 6pm (considering the time walking to my car, drives, traffic jam, etc). My brother office hour is until 5pm and normally he go to the stall around 6pm - 6.30pm.

What I'm annoyed is that although this is another family dinner and my timing of work is so tight with his schedule, he seems to have no tolerance of going to the stall a little bit late. Maybe I'm the type of bad temper and thinks that he is too inconsiderate. Not sure and a little bit not satisfied.

Anyway, I think I will be better later.....
Dangerous Driver

Note : I am not referring to any specific person or whoever. This is just a thoughts of mine!!

After few years becoming a driver in this little hometown of mine, I realize that Kuching Drivers tends to break law. For example, if the road shows now entry, we tends to turn in as a short cut. Of course, when there is no car from the opposite directions. When I'm in Miri, I realize most Miri drivers won't do such breaking laws action. Of course some of them do break laws but what I'm talking now is majority of the drivers there. The differences is that Miri drivers drives faster than Kuching drivers.

However, although there are differences between Kuching drivers and Miri drivers, I realize there are one thing in common among the drivers.. This one thing in common are connected to the road bullies. I'm not sure if anyone realize this or only me who realize this. The majority of the road bullies are belongs to two types of people. Who? My opinion .. The taxi …
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Aerobic, Aerobics and AeroPig

While chatting with JenJen about aerobics and sleeping, suddenly I come out with the words AeroPig. Hehe, thinking that the wording sounds very funny, so I thought perhaps I could write something with my funny topics.

Yeah, indeed it is quite true actually. Normally, we will aerobics in the evening, which is around 5pm or early in the morning at 8am. Each time after the aerobics session ends, I will be exhausted with all those jumping and sweating. After the sweet bath, all I could think of is rest, which means SLEEP. So isn't it true that aerobic, aerobics for 1 hours and later we will aeroPIG?? Kekeke...
Old People - Stubborn and Hard to Please

Have anyone had any problems handling old people? Well, I do..

My dad is around 60 years old and he is indeed very hard to please. With my stubborn behaviour and anger, sometimes I just couldn't bear to listen to him singing song of annoyance. During CNY, when we go visiting to relatives house, he would say all the bad things about me and my brother. I'm used to it and all I do is just keep quiet. Each time we go to relatives house, same conversation all over again:

Relatives : "So how is everything?"
Dad : "Also like that"
Relatives : "Good lar, no more working"
Dad : "What good, become the maid at home. And nobody seems to appreciate"
Relatives : "Don't say like tha"
Dad : "That's true, you don't know, I have a very bad children and never listen to anything"

And it goes over and over again until I don't feel anything about it anymore. Not only that, tomorrow is his bir…
Smoking in Public Area

Hhmmm, taking off for lunch at 11.30am, I went to Garden Park Cafe (I think that's the name). Unable to find parking, so, I go to nearby coffee shop, end up in J & J Cafe.

The food in J & J Cafe is quite nice and the price is ok, as of a price of a more standard cafe than normal coffee shop. Me and bf sit inside the cafe.

I'm satisfied with the food and waitress there. But what annoys me is that there are customers that smokes in the cafe. I mean, I pay for RM3.80 for a nasi lemak that I could get for RM3 or RM2.5 elsewhere. Why is it that smoking is allow inside the cafe? There are sits inside and outside of the cafe. To pay more for the food, I expect at least there are some differences with the coffee shop outside.

I realize that no matter if it is a coffee shop or a cafe, there is no signs of NO SMOKING or partition the place between smoking and no smoking. From all that we know, the person sitting besides a smoker tends to have higher probabi…
Childhood Memories

Out of the blue, I think about my childhood. Been brought up at my godmum's house, I became a little girl that not easily frightened. However, indeed I do get frightened at a time where my dad come to pick me up using his new proton. I didn't want to enter the car and cries as loud as I can. Kekeke...

When I'm in kindergarten, I always got punished by teacher for being naughty. There is one time that I fall down while playing. Instead of crying, I looked at the teacher putting medicine on my hand. I think I'm quite naughty when I'm a kid. I give my 'kakak' a heart attack when I walked home from kindergarten (very near my house) without waiting for her to pick me or telling the teacher that I walked home. I can still remember her face turns pale, running home to call my mom. When she saw me waiting in front of the gate, I guess she is happy and angry too. Whahahaha... I use to play in the rain and ignore her when she call me to come in. Hehe…
Life is Short, Live it To The Fullest

As my computer (Microsoft Excel) hanged, so I am thinking about doing some writing for my blog.

Today, I received 2 news of people death. Although I do not know them but it strikes me. One of the story is because of a man got hit by a motorist and died. Another is also a sudden death.

Life is short. We never know when God will calls us to be with Him. Is it today, tomorrow, next week or next year? No one have the answer for this. I read newspaper about a boy tat died on spot when the tree falls onto the house and killed him right when he is sleeping.

Many of us always say "Tomorrow I'll do so", "I'll call tomorrow" or "It's not the time yet". Well, why do we have to wait for tomorrow when we have today? What is it mean by not the right time? How do we know that today is not the right time and the right time will come soon or just sit there waiting for the right time to come? We never know when is the right tim…
Next Plan - Dad's Birthday Dinner @20Feb

My next plan to let my dad know more about my bf is on his birthday. Is it ok if I invite him to join in the dinner? That's the question that been playing on my head now. Since chap goh mei and my dad birthday is just very near to each other, might as well combine this two occasion together.

After getting opinions and think about it, I will asked my bf to join in the dinner. However, this time, I'll just let my dad know that I invite my friend, not asking for permission. Kekeke...

A little bit anxious and nervous again. Wonder if my dad knows who is he... My cousin say I'm too dumb if I'm wondering as the Chin family never simply bring guy for any dinner occasion. And my dad already knew who he is.. I guess she is right because lately when I'm out, my dad didn't ask me where I go, what I do or who I go out with.. Kekeke ....
CNY DecorationsI know, my topics of this is a little bit too late since CNY is almost to the end. But, just checking on my PC and found out that I actually did take some photos of the decorations in my living room for Chinese New Year….First decoration, is the pamelo with oranges. I don't know what it means actually but every year, my house will have this as part of the decorations.Then the flower for my living room. Prepared by my brother..As for the table and the items for people to eat, I prepare. In the big pineapple, are candies for big gal like me.. Hahahaha....My tissue box. Cute or not? It's very cheap oh.. Rm4 for 4 box!!This is also prepared by my brother...And so, overall my little living room looks like this ......As for my outside, I took one of the flowers and put some flowers and red tanglung on it....The pillow belongs to my dog and the blue tong contains water for him...
Food – Spicy Mackerels FishThis afternoon, I have been helping in cooking for lunch. Yeah, helping by sitting down at the kitchen table, watching the preparation of the fish …First, the fish are mixed with the KFC flour (haha, I don’t know what is this name). After that, the first are fried. It smells nice and taste nice too!!When this meals is prepared, I am wondering why is it that Sushi King serves the meal so expensive. I can get one big mackerel for only RM3 but for the Saba BBQ that I ate the other day, It cost RM19.90.. Hhmmppfff …Ok, let me continue. After fried, the cook for today didn’t end the task yet. As he is devoted with soy sauce and spices, so he asked me to help by preparing the onions and ginger. That is the only thing I did the whole afternoon. Kekeke…Weiii, it's the cook that ask me to sit and don't move..
After the deep fried of the fish, its now time to cook for the sauce. As I’m wondering and felt so sleepy, I didn’t see what he put.. Sob sob sob.. Only …