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Christmas Greetings to worldofDIDI readers

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way!!....

HO HO HO Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Today is Christmas day and I hope that everyone will spend the Christmas with family and close one with joy and happiness. For this, I wants to take the opportunity to wish everyone ...
A very very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Be a good boy/girl and 'SANTA' will grant you your wish! May God Bless You All and Happy New Year soon!

Anyway, I've receive a very cool earlier Christmas presents that comes with a message. Wondering what's that? Well, it's not an expensive toys or jewelry, but a simple and humble toys of "Ultraman". Hahaha .. And the message is ...."May all of us bear the spirit of Ultra Man in the coming years…
Always ready to fight (Always ready to handle issue)
Always win though beaten at first (Always manage to close issue)
Always fight in silent (Always focus on work and less talk/argument)
Always finish the enemy in time before energy end (Always complete the task…

2012 - The Movie

Hhmmm, I guess everyone should already watched this movie. I bought the dvd last week and watched this movie at home last Sunday. In the movie, an American geologist travels to India to meet a friend, whom discovered that neutrinos from a massive solar flare had penetrate the Earth, causing temperature increase. He went back to Washington D.C to inform the White House Chief that this activities will eventually brings to the end of the world. All the head of the state are made inform of the situation which triggers a secret project that intends to ensure the continuity of the human life. Micro quakes strikes the Earth in 2012, causing small quakes in the Earth's surface. Millions falls victim to the earthquake and tsutnami too had taken lifes of millions of people. Members of the churches gathered in the church, praying and others waiting for their time to die. This movies makes me think. What if the ends of the world is really here? What are we going to do? Basically, there's …

Happy Dongzhi Festival

I just knew that today is the Dongzhi Festival day. Gosh, didn't even prepare anything to make 'tang yuan'. I just googled a little bit about what is Dongzhi festival is all about. For those who don't know what this means, Dong zhi is a day where family will get together and eat 'tang yuan'. It is also known as the winter solstice. 'Dong' refers to winter while 'zhi' means 'arrival'. In this day, everyone will become one year older. During the Ming dynasty, tang yuan is known as yuanxiao, which also means the lantern festival. Dong zhi is also a day, where sunshine is weakest and daylight is shortest. The celebration represents balance and harmony of life. Anyway, to all who is reading this, Happy Dongzhi day and make sure you go home to eat with your families!!