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SSPCA Adoption Day @6th Mar

Last Saturday, SSPCA had launch their adoption day at Animal Kingdom pet shop. As I had nothing to do on that day, my dad and I went there to have a look at the animals for adoption.

There are a lot of cats and dogs up for adoption. I saw some cats which is so adorable! I can't understand why some people is so heartless to throw these cute creature away. For those who wants to know when is the next adoption to be, you can add the group in your facebook.

What attracts me most is puppies. Too bad that I have a queen at my home, else, I don't mind taking some home. All the puppies here are females and age about 1 mth old only.

There's this little girl that attract me. She have three colors and moody at the time we saw her. I think she is not use of having so many people looking at her. Hahaha...

Some other puppies too...

In supporting them, I've bought a car sticker for my car.

After having fun with the puppies, I went into the shop to have a look at the things there. First t…