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Honda Roadshow, The Spring, Kuching

Have anyone been to any Honda roadshow recently? Last weekend, there's a Honda roadshow at The Spring. I'm not sure if they do have it now but it's worth a try. During this roadshow, you can get a variety of discounts and ideas about what cars you really want.

Last weekend, I went to The Spring and realize there are dozens of Honda cars outside the mall. Although the sun is 'killing' me, I still went there to have a look at the cars.

Hhmmm, I wonder how long should I work to be able to get a car like Jazz? Or Honda City, or other brands of it.. Sigh, anyway, I'm not a big fan of cars, So, it don't bother me much about what brand of car I should drive. Kekeke..

Ok, I know, it's terribly hot. I only manage to stand there for less than 5 minutes...

My lunch for the day... "Mee Sua" at The Spring. Well, it's too salty though...

Go Bald & Give Hope at The Spring

Go bald and give hope - that's the campaign organized for Sarawak of Children Cancer Society in getting helps from everyone to support their organizations. Sarawak Children Cancer Society (SCCS) is a society for children diagnosed with cancer in Sarawak.

Medications to treat cancer is not cheap. I still remember one dose of medications for chemo could cost up to RM3,000. It depends on how serious and what kind of cancer a person has. Roughly one round of chemo would need two dose of this medications.

In appealing for the public generosity, a campaign "Go Bald & Give Hope" which will take place at The Spring is being created. For those who wants to donate, you can donate online or go to The Spring tomorrow. The event will be held at the South Court during this weekend - 15th and 16th May 2010.

I have done my part in contributing within my limit. What about you? Don't just sit there and pass through. Go to their website online and let's contribute some for th…

Emptiness of The Space

Somehow, I felt the emptiness,
Emptiness without the spirits,
That brings atmosphere to life,
Although clock is ticking,
The space seems empty.

Daddy had left us,
Left us to defend ourselves,
In the emptiness of the space,
Under the care of grandpa

Hope things will be alright,
Alright for the all of us,
And overcome the emptiness,
That once again a living spirits.

We'lll be alright, We'll be ok,
It's fate which is written,
For us to get new daddy,
Or mommy.

Till then, faith is what covers us,
Faith for a bright stars ahead,
To cuddles us all the way,
In this journey of life

It's time to look in front,
What's ahead of the path,
Is the path our dream?
Or still a vision yet clear
Oh well, it's another journey,
Journey of metro life

Sanga Japanese Food

Have anyone been here? As recently I'm feeling down and moody, so I ask BF to go for some Japanese food to release the tension. We reach there at around 10.45am but their opening hours is 11.00am. Well, they are quite good as they still entertain us - the early customer.

While waiting for 11:00 am, BF and I looked through the menu to decide what to had for our lunch. Well, I totally forgotten about taking the menu picture. I'm way too excited to take pictures around the place. We sit outside of the restaurant (BF wants the nature wind than aircond).

BF ordered Crysanthemum tea (canned drinks) while for me, aloe vero drinks.

Errrmm, I can't really remember the name of the food that we ordered. One is beef, another is chicken...

The food is not bad and the portion is too much for me. I gave half of my rice to BF and still not able to finish my rice. Sigh... BF likes kimchi. Oh yeah, this is the first time I had japanese food with kimchi. Isn't kimchi belongs to korean food? …

Breakfast at BDC - Chuan Phin cafe

I bet not everyone notice this coffee shop. The person who took care of this cafe seems to be pensioner. Most of them are covered with white hairs.

Although they are quite old already, but the food and coffee is here really nice. Well, the coffee is thick. It will surely awaken those who had them.

I ordered only 'sio bee' as I don't have any appetite that day. Anyway, the sio bee is quite nice.

BF order their kolo mee. You will get quite a special combination of kolo mee here. They have 2 slices of sio bee in the kolo mee. Also, it is served in a plate, not bowl. Hahaha... The taste is quite nice too.

Will go there again and see what they have ...