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Influenza A (H1N1) Is on The RiseThe figure of people being diagnosed with A(H1N1) is on the rise every day. This is very critical. As everyone is worrying of the second wave for the virus, situation is really not healthy. There are some of us that reluctant to go to hospital even if they discover that they have the symptoms. They are afraid of being quarantine or marked as one of A(H1N1) carrier. Hey, this is not the right way of thinking!! It is better to be safe than sorry! It can cost your life. More and more school in Malaysia had been close due to the spread of this virus. Even BF's cousin was sent back home due to the school closed down for a week. As of yesterday, 1371 total cases has been reported with four death cases. 58% is local cases. This shows that local cases is going in the up trend compared to when the disease started. Some common symptoms of A(H1N1): FeverSore throatCoughBody acheFluHeadacheEasily fatigued/tirednessSo, for those that have all the symptom, don&#…

The Coward Wolverine

Although she is a mix breed of local+rottweiller, her genes carries more on the coward side of the rottweiller. Hey, I'm talking about my dog here. Hehehe ..
I have my own reason of calling her wolverine. Let me make myself clear and not let everyone guessing around. As we all know, wolverine have the 3 sharp 'nail' that can tear our flesh out. For her, she have it too. And that's the reason I ended up with bruises and scratches when playing with her ....
Now, why I call her coward? Can't remember how I got this.. This is my back .... I ignore her, so she called me for attention... She is playing her ball and bring it near to me.. then suddenly bite my arm instead of the ball The scratches due to ignoring her ..
It's easy. Let me show you where is her hiding place when heavy rain began to take over the weather or thunderstorm booming around showing the mighty sound.

During the heavy rain or thunderstorm, she will be hiding underneath the cabinets! If the room door is…

Intruder Alert

Funky morning,
Funky alert,
Alert that comes all the way,
Telling that there's intruder here
Upper intruder, lower intruder,
Anyhow, is still an intruder,
What to do when they comes uninvitedly
Since this is a free world
How sad am I that my space is being intruded,
For how sad doesn't make it good,
So here I am defending my fences,
Against the intruder,

Kim-Bay HK-Macau Restaurant

Kim Bay HK-Macau Restaurant

It is quite known that Kuching people like to visit new ‘toilet’. Well, this is quite true. Kim Bay Macau-HK Restaurant is the latest restaurant at The Spring. It is besides the motorcycle parking space.

God-mum & Grandsons In celebrating godmum’s birthday, we went to The Spring. Godmum wants to buy some groceries. This is actually a secret arrangement and therefore, I did not mention anything about it when I saw her in the morning. My cousin & Son
We walked around The Spring and then went to eat super late lunch. Well, since my cousin isn’t familiar with places of food in Kuching, I become the tour guide. I can assure you that I am the worst tour guide for anyone!! Although The Spring has opened for quite some time, I’m still managing to lose my way around there. Last Friday, my friend asks where the money changer at The Spring is and I don’t know. Now, my cousin asked good food at The Spring, also I don’t know. For me everything is the same. Fried me…

Padawan Fair

Last month (Jul’09), there is a feast of Padawan Fair at MJC, Kuching. Well, at first I have no intention to go there. After all, all the food fair is almost the same in a way that there will be games, food and some concert.

So, I made up my mind to go there last Friday just to see if there is anything different from it. I bought a coconut drinks or I call it sugar water since it is so sweet that all the coconut smell is gone. Then, BF and I walked around to see if there is anything interesting.

As usual, there will be food stalls with all the special variety of Kuching food. As a Kuching-lang, I’m not fascinated with the foods. BF bought the Taiwan sausages for RM2. Well, it’s cold! Gosh, it tastes totally different when it is cold and hot. I can feel that I’m eating meat covered in plastics.

Then, we went to the games section. I must admit that we went there quite early as some of the games not even started yet. We tried to play the darts shooting the balloon. I must say that I regret …

Government Sponsored Training in Curtin, Miri

For those who are interested to attend training and is worried about the cost, check this out. Free training which is sponsored by the government in Curtin, Miri.
For me, things is very uncertain now. Anything can happen to anyone. So, it is better to learn more things rather than sitting there, not moving anywhere....