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Personality Flow Chart

Receive this very funny chart of our personality character. Hhmmm, very funny though. Give it a try!! NO cheating, ok!

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Happy Labor Day!!!

Yeah! It's labor day today. Every one day in a year, we, the 'makan gaji' people can celebrate labor day. It is a day to cherish our hard work and contribution to the organisation.

This year has been a very tough year for us. Often that we hear about retrenchment, vss, mss or even company closing down due to the market situation. Some of us are lucky enough to still be EMPLOYED.

So what's up on labor day? I know that there are sales in LEA sports centre. All items are half price!! What else besides that? I'm not sure myself. Hahahaha!! I've been to the LEA sport centre sales. Bought 1 sandals (photos to be uploaded later) and nothing else. I'm still fighting with myself whether or not to spend money shopping or keep it for the soon to come unpredictable 'disaster'. In this situation, my disaster would be more bad news coming from my the place I work.

We work to earn some money. With the salary that we've got, we usually spend them on debts (car loa…

2009 Resolution - Revise

As mention previously in my blog about my resolution for this year, I think I have to change a bit. Some of the resolutions target seems so far from my reach, especially with the 4 days pay cut. Huhuhu...

Early this year, this is my resolution:
1. Settled my second debt
2. Settle PTPTN by half (approximate is 10K)
3. Set a target saving amount of xxxx
4. To meet my target weight of 46 kg
5. Control my bad tempered attitude
6. Learn yoga
7. Get an oven and learn cooking
8. Change my phone model
9. Moving my blog to an earning blog

Hhmmmmm... after some ammendment, here goes my revise 2009 resolution:
1. Settled my second debt - should be ok
2. Settle PTPTN amounted 7K-8K ~ I wonder if the interest of 1% is or or not. What takes them so long???
3. Set a target saving amount of xxxx. This I think would be xxxx- yy = zzzz
4. Target weight - targetting to lost 1kg only. Food temptation is too BIGGGGG
5. Control my bad tempered attitude
6. Learn hip hop
7. Oven to be in dreamland only
8. Phone model also i…

CSL Malaysia Brand Mobile Phone

Ever heard of CSL? I think it's quite a new brand of mobile phones. Or maybe I'm too outdated. If not mistaken this is Malaysia first own mobile phone company.

Some of them do attracts me. Such as CSL SP100 with a love shape button in the middle. BF say very weird..

Another one is the CSL SP22, the white color one is very cute too.

Well, due to the economy downturn, I don't think I'll change my handphone any sooner than I think. Yeah, my 2009 resolution is to change new mobile phone. I guess I'll need to revise my resolution.

BF say this one is cool!

Global Warming, Save the Planet - Save Water

No doubt that water is extremely important in our life. But, wasting them is totally NO NO NO!! Previously, I like to play with water while cleaning my car. I realize that this is very wrong. Imagine 20 years down the road, will I still be able to play with water while cleaning my car? Or can I even clean my car like how I use to do it?

Some country is already facing water issue. Not to mention the whole world, even some part of Malaysia is having water issue.

Each of us can contribute in minimizing water wastage. As for me, I think this is what we can do in minimizing water wastage:

When taking bath, do not fill in your bath tub full with water and lie in it while relaxing. Indeed this is a good way to relax but it is actually wasting a lot of waters. Remember taking shower is better than taking bath (got different oh!)When brushing your teeth, don't let the pipe water flows out into the sinkWhen cleaning your car, try to use pail instead of spraying your car with waterIn cleaning y…

Fast & Furious 2009

The movie trailer:

The movie is about Dom Toretto (V. Disel) and Brian O'Conner united to bust up the world drugs criminal. Dom is doing this for revenge while Brian is doing that to put the criminals in jail. In spite of their historical personal 'war', they had to cooperate to gets own benefits.

I grade this movie 8 out of 10. The 2 marks is gone because my personal point of view, this movie can bring bad influence to our future generation. Why? It looks like that law is just a law. Even if you are a criminal, you can get away from your jail sentence. Yeah, I know it's just a movie. But to our 18 years old teenager, they take this as a way to get 'cool'.

May's Extra Expenses

This month would be very 'dry' month for me too:

Income tax - paid 800+ from the auto scheduler and still need to pay RM85 for the tax. =>Paid
Dog Injection - annual inject (RM30++) and heartworm injection (RM65) => mid May
Car servicing - RM100++ => most probably any time this week
Mother's day - every year I would give 'ang pau' to my god mum on mother's day

Apart from that I just bought new sandals. No regret though as lost one sandals to my dog's perfect teeth.

BF keep urging me to change new handphones. Even saying that he sell his to me for RM50 and he get new one. So stingy. Might as well give me. But I guess he is too 'bendul' to know what I mean here. Been calling him 'bendul' as he doesn't know how to intepret girl's 'udang disebalik batu' words and sentences.

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza

Yeah, I went to Sushi King RM2 bonanza on their first day!

In conclusion, this year RM2 bonanza is not that great compare to last year. Why? The time I went there, there is no smoke salmon, no the 'fish egg' sushi, sushi with baby 'octopus is rarely be seen and most importantly there is no UNAGI!!!! Sheeeshhh!!!!!!

When I ask them if I can order Unagi, they reply "Boleh, but normal price". My head is playing the word "KNS". Some more, 1 person only can have 1 tissue. Apalah!

"Unagi where are you???"

Not only that.. When I reached there, the weather is extremely hot. They serve as boiled hot green tea. We ask for cold one and they reply "Tak ada". Then we ask for ice. Also "tak ada". So, by force, I had to drink the super boil hot green tea. This is the first time I'm sweating while eating sushi. Hhhmmm, when we got there, the place isn't full. I wonder what makes them so 'busy'. Their customer service really nee…