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eOe Rocks!

In my recent post, I have been introducing the online printing service - eoe. Oh well, I must admit that they do what they say.
By introducing and writing about them, I get to have two 8R print our deliver right to my doorstep at zero cost. Wow!! That's unbelievably too good to be true.
Trust me that this is not another scam of sweet promises.
On June 23rd, I've received an email from them saying my 8R photo will be deliver to me and I should received them within 3 working days.

Yesterday evening, a parcel came..YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!

I must say that eoe is very patience and thorough. In protecting the picture and frame, they have wrapped it so nicely. It takes me 15 minutes to open up. So if you are concern on damage of parcel on delivery, FEAR NOT!!


Scam in Yahoo Messenger

Recently I realize something amiss when I got message from my online friends that ask me to try a quiz. At first I thought it's just her that was really trying it. But as I'm working, so I did not try it out..

This morning, something hit me when different friend ask me to try it out. Guess what! The sentences that they use is exactly the same. This is ridiculous!! How can two person could write the exact 100% message? Even if twins, the sentences wrote will not be the same ..

This really hit me.. So I try to test this scammer to see if I'm truely talking to my friends or not. It appears NOT.

[04:48] my fren: hey there.

[07:16] my fren: my fren has buzzed you!

[07:16] my fren: my fren has buzzed you!

[04:51] my fren: how are you doing?

[07:17] dcly: hi..errmm u pm me ?

[07:17] my fren:

[07:18] my fren: got a 113 lol... thought I was smarter than that

[07:18] dcly: hows ur girl

[07:18] my fren: you should see if you can do better than me... if u can ill do somethi…

Wedding At The Banquet

In Kuching, there are few most well known restaurant where Kuching-lang would usually choose. One of them is The Banquet.

When first started the business, The Banquet is not very well known and the first comments that I would hear is "not nice" and "lousy". I guess, it takes time to build up the reputations and fame once again. By now, The Banquet has become one of the most popular restaurant for wedding receptions.
Last week, I have attended another wedding dinner here. I can't remember how many times have I come here for wedding dinner. All I can say is A LOT!
Each time I'm here, the menu are different. I must say, I salute their creativity to create different types of set menu for occasion like wedding receptions. Not going to talk much about them or the couples for now. Just to share some food that I've ate with all....

Enjoy the photos and I hope I make somebody out there hungry!.. Hehehe.... Congratz to the newly wed couple and may your journey be f…

eOe Special Month Product Shopping and Photo Printing

Previously, I have wrote several posting about eoe online printing. This time, eoe is taking another step forward by introducing their special of the month product shopping! Trust me, the price for product of the month is rather attractives. It's worth the look!

I remember there's one time when I went to a nearest photo printing shop. The printing cost me 60 cents per piece! Gosh, this is unbelievably expensive in my opinion. Leaving without choice since I need the picture urgently, I just take the deal. How I wish that I have not taken the deal! The photo images is rather depressing. Some of the pictures doesn't have human head, legs or the environment is missing. Sheessh! And their reason is that my picture format doesn't tally to the size of the printing. I got so annoyed after that.

I have tried eoe services before and I am very satisfy with their Online Photo Printing services. The price is very attractive too. With as low as 30 cents for 4R and 50 cents for 5R, I …

Gamers' Heaven, Hock Lee Centre

Recently, I've fun time accompany my cousin's kids. Amongst those places that would be interesting for them is the Game Shop at Hock Lee Centre.

So, while their mother is having fun time in doing her stuff, I've 'kidnap' 3 of her armies and bring them to Hock Lee Centre for some game sessions.

It's fun and cool to see kids playing games and enjoying their fun time. I must say that we should educate the young ones of the goods and bads of spending time in games. Coming to this place brings back old memories too.

When I'm in university, I use to come with friends to play arcade games as a way to reduce our stressed over the homework in uni. After 5 long years of not touching one arcade, I totally forgotten how to play. SOBS

Anyway, for those gamers and had never been here, you should come here at least one time!

** Never ever let your kids get addicted to the games. It is rather expensive if we are to come here every week.