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New Year Resolution

Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008!!

Hopefully, the coming year would be a blessing for all. Apart from the petrol price that is increasing, food price increase, etc etc etc... I still hope it is a good year for all of us!

Let me see... Everyone have their New Year resolution. Hhmmm, I have DOZENS of them that I want to achieve. Aaahhhhhhhhh... BUT, most important of all, my resolution is :
1. Achieve 46kg (now 51kg bo)
2. To have a stable relationship (understand my other half better)
3. To find a way to intro the one to the boss (wakakakaka)
4. Go for vacation!!!!
5. Have better financial status

So what is your resolutiono ???
Church Wedding & Decoration

Some of us would go for high class church decoration which cost thousands. Some of us only go for budget RM100.

Couple months ago, my brother help to decorate the church for one of my cousins wedding. This is quite simple and I guess is affordable for all.

The arch in the main entrance for the church is one using balloon tie on a string. It looks nice but if there is big wind, the arch will be blown and get tangle here and there. In order to make it stand in a arch manner, need to pump the balloon using nitrogen gas.

Inside the church, my brother tie one balloon on each chair with the combination of yellow and white colors, with a ribbon on the chair. My camera view a bit sot sot that day, so the image isn't that clear. Sob Sob Sob .....

I didn't manage to take the picture of the 2 flowers in front of the tabernacle (correct or not my spelling???). Kekekeke .. Aikss, I forgot to take the photo of the booklet tooooo!!

Hhmmm, then the restaurant. Right…
Friday But Why Am I Feeling Gloomy ?

Yahooooooo !!! It's Friday.. But, why am I feeling gloomy ??? Must be because of last nite! Yesterday, thought of having dinner with my boy but turns out to be a frustrating dinner.

It's heavy rain last night after my aerobics. Walking to my car, 20% wet. Reach my house and realize I forgot about my keys. Huh! My dad is having dinner and my brother is not at home. Didn't want to bother anyone, I try to figure out how to enter the big gate in front of me!

So, I try to climb over the gate which is twice taller than me. Soak in the rain, with my dog keep shaking his tail, waiting for me to come down but ... the gate is tooooo tall !!!! Arrggghhhhhhh ..... Another attempt at the back door. I forgot where is my torch light, so, walking to the back, crossing my finger not to meet with something (I'm imagining snake, cat, dog, thief, bla bla bla). Hahaha .. Lucky that my dad didn't make the back door gate taller than me !!! Yippeeee!!! I…
Boulevard Miri vs Boulevard Kuching

Let me see. I have been in Miri for 3 years. That time, I really like shopping in Miri compared to Kuching. Reason is because BOULEVARD. Hahahaha.. I still remember that there is one time where I bought a bad for RM16 during sales while my friend bought it for RM32. It's weekend sales. Boulevard in Miri often have weekend sales. My assumption is to attract shoppers from Brunei. The place will be crowded with people and everyone would rush there to buy things.

Compare with Boulevard Kuching, it gives me the feeling of high class. I wonder if Boulevard Kuching would be as good as Boulevard Miri. But, when I went there the other day, it seems to be very high class and all the things there is kind of expensive. Maybe, I want something cheap but I hope they have weekend sales tooooo. Hehehehe ... I can't wait for the food court !!! Hope it's not as expensive as the one in Miri!! I ate fast food and it cost me RM7! ... RM7 !!!!!!!

On second thou…
Cost of A Wedding

Lately, a lot of my friends got married and even my cousins and relatives too. In Dec '07, I have around 5 wedding invitation. Other months, no need to say. Happy, and upset too. Happy for the couples to finally get together but upset because this mean a hole in my wallet. Hahaha .. But when I think about it, the most hole is on the couples.

Wedding Photo
Hhmmm.. Let me see. I start with wedding photo. It range from cheapest, RM500 to RM5000. Standard is RM2500 for 40 pieces of photos in one album with different position and different background. Hhmm, some of the photoshop people will charge more than Rm50 per photo! Aikss... So, there goes RM2500

Wedding Gown, Makeup, Bla Bla
During the prom night, my friend did some survey on the evening dress in few bridal shop. I will use this as simple guideline. Ok, let me see... Let say one gown for one day cost RM200. Guy also need to wear wor .. Let say, cheaper.. RM100. Nowadays, makeup artist is very expensive too. I fol…
Christmas Eve - Birth of Jesus is Here

24 Dec 07 : Hehehehe, as usual, went to work. Sitting in front of the PC with a xmas face. Lucky, not much work. All that I'm looking forward is Christmas. My heart cries "I want to go home". Hahaha ... After lunch, my boss announce "If you have finish your work, you can go home at 3pm".. At first, my expression is "Huh? Go home at 3pm?". Then, ... yippeeee!!!!! Boss allow us to go home early. Hahaha .. Haiya, Christmas eve mar, so my brain is also sleeping and delayed in processing the input. Kekekeke ...

I went back around 4pm. Then waiting for Christmas eve for church. My dad one minute say go Kenyalang church, then next minute say go BDC church. Guess what ..... I end up didn't go for Christmas eve Mass but Christmas Day Mass. Hahahaha ..... I slept early as I feel very sleepy and sick. My bone is cold but my skin is hot. Sob sob sob... and my bf keep on forcing me to eat medicine !!! Gggrrrrrrrr .....

25 D…