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First introduce by Kok to try and grab the chances to have 50 4R photos printed for free, I was a bit lazy to find 50 photos, therefore did not try it at all. But then, when Ching too uploaded 50 photos, I was thinking what fool am I if I don't grab this chance as well!!

So I have just uploaded 50 photos into eoe FREE printing for first 100 bloggers, write them an email as instructed and then waiting for them to feedback and deliver 50 photos to me for FREE!!! So what are you waiting for ? The contest opens in Dec-08 and it is going to end very soon! Grab the chance now and start printing 50 photos for free!

Not only that, besides getting 50 photos printed FOC (FREE OF CHARGE), you get a chance to win Olympus E-520 kit! I pray and hope I'm that lucky winner for this camera. Yeah!!!

Now, I'm eagerly excited on this offer as well as waiting anxiously for any feedbacks and my photos delivery at my door step. If you are to go outside to print a photo, it may cost you RM0.50 per p…

New Year Celebration : Steamboat

On New Year's Day, I went to eat steamboat with my dad & BF. Well, I just knew that at the back of Pandan Thai Delight, there are so many eatery places. I wonder if they have any big competition all around them or not. Just beside each other, there are actually 3 steamboat place. HHmmm...

The price per person is not that expensive. For me, very reasonable. RM18 for adult and RM8 for kids. Hhmmm,.. BF says I should be categorized as kids since the portion of food that I ate is not up to RM5. Hhmmppffff!!!
Waiting patiently for the thing to cook

Overall, the food is quite nice. But BF says the meat isn't marinated properly. He prefered those at Garden Steamboat (also higher price). But for me, I don't see any difference in the taste. Hehehe..

I took a lot of types of lamb meat. Haha!!! Black pepper lamb, oyster lamb, etc, etc, etc .. For vege, I took a lot of sea weed. Yeah! Too bad, both the guys don't know how to eat that.. For them, it is grass. Haaiiihhzzzzz......