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My Blog Is Carbon Neutral

Has you done anything in helping mother Earth to stay healthy? Everyone should take some action in helping out the mother nature, be it via blog or personally.

Recently, I read a blog about my blog is carbon neutral. Do you ever had any idea how to make your blog carbon neutral? In todays world, everything that we do will contribute into damaging this mother nature.

As a blogger, we can help a little by spreading the news of the little effort of saving the nature. We can start by spreading the news about Arbor Day Foundation. This foundation would plan a tree for each blog domain that wrotes about them. Isn't this great? Not only that we can spread the news about this foundation, we too can get our blog domain hanging in a tree somewhere on this Earth! With each trees planted, we definitely helps the nature to survive! Remember that more trees = more oxygen and garden.

In big countries, we hardly see any trees. This foundation is doing a very big favor to our Earth by volunteering…

It's Tea Break! Let's go Memories!

Memories cafe is located at Padungan area not far from the Padungan roundabout (the roundabout with big statue of cats).

This is actually the first time I came here. The environment is quite nice and calming. If you are looking for a place for chit-chat, this might be the right place for you. Although the space is not that big, but every table is quite spacious and you do not have to worry about over crowded.

I find the waitress quite cute. Let me elaborate in case some of you think elsewhere. Quite in terms that he/she looks like first time waitress and doesn't really know how to answer customer enquiries. Anyway, he/she is quite polite as he/she would reply with a blur smile and say 'let me ask taukenio'. Ok, I put it as he/she because I can't figure out if the waitress is he or she ... (I think is she, hehehe).

I start my 'date' with teacher by ordering watermelon juice. My friend ordered the same too. Our ex-teacher ordered coffee.

The waitress recommended us f…

Let's Burn the Bad Luck Away!

Last week, while on my way home, I pass by a little temple near my house. It sounds like they are having karaoke but when I get closer, it is more like celebrating some occasions.

There's a lot of people that time and flags are everywhere the area. So, out of curiousity, we stop and have a look at what is going on. Although I'm Christian, I do believe that there's no harm in knowing other religions activities and practices, right?

Before I got there, I have a feeling that it is about walking through burning coal. My instinct proof it right when I saw a long stretch of ready pathway with a red cloth on top of it.

Anyway, I waited for almost one hour. First, some members of the temple pass through the pathway, carrying a flag, each have different colors. Then, I heard an announcement calling all foster children and foster grandchildren to enter the temple. Hhhmmmm....

After about 15 minutes, all of them came out again and this time, they carry a man out. This man sat on a chair …