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Wedding Atmosphere

Couple of weeks ago, I have been asking the same question from several different people arounds. I wonder why everyone keep on asking me that question. Any of you know what I mean? Well, most of them are long lost friend or school friends. We seldom see each other and most of the time, keeping in touch with each other via MSN and YM. One of my friend, Angel is even funny. This is what the conversation is:

Angel : "So when is your turn?"
Me : "What turn?"
Angel : "When you wanna give me red card?"
Me : "Hahaha, not so soon. How about you? When are you coming back?"
Angel : "Not so soon too. I wait for you to give me red card before I come back"

Walau eh!! This friend of mine has been in Adelaide for 5 years and she told me she only come back if I give her red card?? Ngaitii, as if I'm getting married next year. She has not been home for 5 years and was willing to come back for me? Hhmmmm ....

Wedding is like a hottest topic this year, I …