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e-World Gift Dot Com - Free Crystal

Most of us likes to have free gift, right? Well, read in AppleJul blog about receiving free crystal from this website simply by register as a member.
Membership fee = RM0 .. So, no harm trying and if I don't get it, well, still, no harm done, right?
So, I set my goal into registering as a member hopefully I am one of the 1000 first customer to receive the free gift. So don't wait anymore, just register and let's see if there is any free gift or not.

Consumer’s Right – Check Label Before Purchase!

Last Wednesday (22nd July 2009), I went to one of the supermarket that is on the way back to my home. Well, I am quite reluctant to say which one. I believe picture speaks louder than words. I normally would not put up the date I went to certain places, but this time, the date is extremely important!
One of the reasons that I went there is because of the pizza bread. Yeah, I am quite fond of their pizza bread as I think that the taste is quite unique and nice. I bought 1 piece for RM2.80. For me, once a while spending money on foods is good as it is a way to pamper ourselves.

So, with my pizza bread, I walked around the supermarket and ate it. Some of the workers there keep looking at me but I don’t care. If I am not allow to eat and walk, they should just come and tell me instead of looking at me.

I went to one section, which is the cold frozen items, salmon. It looks nice and interesting. I believe from the picture, you will agree with me, am I right?
Salmon on the shelfHey, wait a minu…

Local Fruits – “Muluk”

Not long ago, BF gave me one type of local fruits, from his hometown, Niah. I can’t recall if I had ever tried this before but the smell is almost as strong as the king of fruits, durian.

Inside the skins consist of lots of small type of fruits. The taste is very smooth (a bit like another local fruits here, nangka). It is white in color. I would suggest that if anyone comes to Sarawak, it’s a good idea to buy one and try it. It’s an eye opener for foreigner. Some people would fry or boil the seed and the taste is just like peanut. I have never tried the fried/boil of the seeds. Well, if I have the chance, will let you know how it tastes.

Four Point Hotel by Sheraton

As I mention in my previous posting that I’ve picked up some friends from airport, the destination from airport is Four Point Hotel.
Four Point Hotel by Sheraton is the newest hotels in Kuching. It is about 5 minutes drive to KIA. There are plenty of local foods surrounding Four Point. For those who are interested to come to Kuching for its local food, Four Point is one of the hotels that you can stay in.Although the appearance look more like hospitals (according to my friend), the inner side are totally luxury. This also teaches us not to judge the book by its cover. The security there is very helpful and friendly.

There are 9 of them; therefore, 3 rooms are booked. After check in, I take the opportunity to follow them to their rooms. The pathway along the rooms is extremely comfortable and cozy! I’m way too comfortable that I’ve forgotten to snap any photos at all. When I got to my friend’s room, I can see Boulevard from the window. He is lucky to get a room that shows the whole Kuchi…

Kuching International Airport (KIA)

Last Friday, in one of my unpaid leave, I went to KIA to pick up some friends from Brunei. It’s quite excited when there are old friends coming to Kuching. While waiting for them to come out of the arrival hall, it takes the opportunity to snap some photos using the camera in my phone.

Domestic Arrival
International Airport
KIA has been rebuilt not long ago to support more lanes. It has been upgraded to be an international airport. There are lots of varieties of foods in KIA. If you are foreigner, you can book for a car at the booth. You can even change your money at the nearest money changer there.

Chocolates are considered expensive in Kuching compared to foreign country like Europe or Singapore. However, if you wish to buy some chocolates home, you can also drop by at the most well known shop, Famous Amos. The chocolate cookies from Famous Amos is the must try cookies!

The nearest hotels to KIA are Four Point Hotel by Sheraton. Soon, there will be other hotels at Boulevard. However the …

Life is to Move Forward, Not Backward

Last weekend is totally an eye opener for me. A lot of happenings that makes me think that my life is actually moving backward and not forward. During the three days holidays, my time is full with activities that make me feel I should change my own style of living.

On Friday, I picked up some friends from airport and bring them round Kuching shopping complex. I learnt about gratitude and the meaning of spend wisely. Gratitude in the way that when you gets a good treatment from someone, do not hesitate to return back the kindness of a person. We should never take advantage on anyone indirectly or directly. Spend wisely in term of not to be so calculative in term of spending since we work to have a better life, not work to have a dully life. Even that we should spend what we earn; this doesn’t mean that we should spend everything that we earn. There must be self control.

On Saturday, went to a friend wedding and dinner as well. From there, I learn that not every expense is compulsory. Som…

What is Life?

Have you ever wonder what life actually means? If you think it through, life is like a circle without the ending. We are born from mother’s womb. When we are babies, we depend fully on our parents to feed us, teach us how to crawl, walk and later run. Then we learn how to speak. Some of us might not be fortunate to have parents but still there is someone who brings us up and teaches us that basic stuff.

Then we enter kindergarten and later primary schools. We learn our first ABC and 123. After that secondary schools and then either higher educations or we start hunting for job.

After a while, we settled with a permanent job, leading the life of at least 5 days a week job and during weekends, our rest day. This circle goes on and on until we found the other half of us. We work hard to be able to buy our first car, first house or even our first mobile. Later, got married, have kids and then the circle is inherits to our kids.

We watch the kids grow just like our circle of life when we are …