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Sarawak Hot and Cold Food

Sarawak is one of the country where we only had either sun or rain throughout the year. As I dig through my food pictures, suddenly pops into my mind to write about types of food that could satisfy our stomach no matter if the weather out there turns out to be too hot or too cold.
Early of the year is always the rainy season. Moments like this, I always hunger for soupy food. So, last Saturday, I had a soupy lunch with my dad. This meal is very appetizing especially the salty veggie with duck meat. Salty Veggie with Duck Soup Pork Leg Soup
Other alternatives would be home cook corn soup......
As for the hot sunny day, our throat would always ask for something cold. In Kuching, the best cold drinks will always be ABC. Other than that, there's 'me ta hon', 'white lady' and lots more. If you are in Kuching, don't forget to try this yummy drinks! My favourite would always be 'me ta hon'. "me ta hon" "abc"

CNY Shopping Mood

Lately, I'm in super shopping mode! For us girls + chinese, CNY shopping would definitely means new clothes and new other stuff. For this year, I didn't plan to bake anything. All because of the name of LAZINESS. Hehehehe... Everywhere in Kuching, you can hear chinese new year song. Especially in shop like 688, Super Saver, you can really feel the mood of CNY flying in the air.....
The other day, I went shopping alone while BF work OT. Sometime, I would prefer to shop alone. Whenever I shop with BF or my dad, their usual thinking is "Why must girl take and try but at the end, might not be buying it?". lol, like how you guys takes care of your electronic gadget/fish/car, that's how we take care of our image, ok!

I enjoy the shopping alone time. Not only that I gives time to pamper myself, but also because there's no noise pollution beside that would totally spoil the whole shopping mood. While trying, I snap some picture and mms to BF. Want to know his comment? …

Platinum Credit Card

Have anyone receive a credit card eventhough you had not apply for one?

Few weeks ago, I got a shock when I receive a letter for the pin number for one of the bank that I've serve my whole life. At first, I thought they send new ATM card for me as I didn't activate the current one.

I called the hotline and they told me that this is actually a pin number for credit card application. In their records, I didn't apply for it but the bank had giving me an offer for a platinum card. The first thought that came into my mind is "What the hack?"...

One week later, I receive the card. According to the postmen, a lot of people is complaining about receiving the credit card although they did not apply for it. Well, I believe business has gone bad that they try to find other alternative for card sales.
Anyway, after thinking twice, I thought there's no harm to get this one and cancel my current one. Reason is simple - the bank that offer me this card is international bank. Th…

Jolly Kitchen At Hock Lee Centre

Recently, I'm quite addicted with S.O.S at Hock Lee Centre. One of the new year hunting had drives my leg there and at the same time, had my lunch a.k.a tea break at Jolly Kitchen.

I've been here for a couple of times already. My opinion is that the price is quite reasonable and the food is nice too. Outside, when you order sweet sour chicken rice, it would usually cost RM5. Jolly Kitchen charge at RM5 too. Some more, the place is air-conditioned and you can have your lunch/dinner in a better environment.

Jolly Kitchen They are looking forward for CNY ... The outer view ...
BF ordered black pepper fish with rice. As for me, it's french fries again (oppps, now that explain why I'm sick).

Black Peper Fish with Rice French Fries
For side dish, BF order his favourite tom yam soup. According to this food critics, the best tom yam soup he ever tasted is this one. Why? Well, because they actually use the original spices rather than using the packet tom yam in supermarket.

Tom Yam Soup