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Lucky Frog Brings Money

Have any of you ever realize that frog is place right in front of a Chinese houses? Well, in my house, my dad had 2 frogs placed in front of the main door. My neighbor, who is more auspicious types of Chinese, placed the frogs outside the house, at both entrance of the gate. Apart from the frogs, some would place 2 oranges in front of the frog as a symbol of offering to it. The reason of placing frogs right in front of the main door or gate is more to auspicious thinking. Chinese believes that by placing the frog right in front of the door would brings luck into the house. Types of luck are more money into the house. So, how true is this thinking? For me, I’m not sure. In all my life of buying 4D and Toto, I only strike once. Hahahaha…. For my dad, maybe it’s true. In all his life, he had strike quite a number of 4D and Toto. As for my neighbor, his house number had comes out in 4D and Toto several times in a year (according to my dad). I remember that when my dad bought a frog ri…

DD is Annoyed

Yeah, was not working yesterday. But was annoyed by the many calls from office during my FORCE LEAVE.

I miss one call in the morning as I'm taking bath. While taking my nap, another calls came. Don't know who she is and what she wants. My head is too blur to digest anything.

Then while watching "Fast and Furious" in cinema, I received 2 calls & 4 miss calls.

Coming back from movie, received another 2-3 miss call ..

Today, at work, again, someone annoyed me with super annoying net send. How in the world there is so many cowards in this world? Come on!! Being a S.A won't impress me, ok!

Annoy when doing some stuff and majority those I'm looking for is on FORCE LEAVE. This means, work delay!

Annoy when someone ask me stupid question ..

Gosh, I better stop typing ...

Adsense Payment

Finally my cheque is here!! Yeah, I’m so happy when I receive this envelope from New York. Well, I have no relatives or friends in New York that is close enough to send me a letter or anything like this, so right before I opened them, I knew it is from Google Adsense.

As mention previously, I had close my old adsense account simply because of the payee name is not as per my I.C. I did not use my full name. As I am living in Malaysia, I couldn’t just change the payee name but I had to close the account and reopen new one.When I opt to close the previous account, I can’t bring forward the amount from the old account into new account. Luckily, the amount in the old accounts is more than $10. Hehehehe…Although the amount isn’t enough even to cover my monthly study loan payment, but at least this would means that I have SOME saving for this month instead of zero. Yahooo!!!!!
On another thought, I don't think I can bank in this cheque, because of the payee name! Argghhhh.... Positive th…

A Real Dog's Lover

I salute this couple, who kept more than 20 dogs at their house. If not mistaken, there is rules saying that a house can only have maximum 3 dogs. This couples has more than 20 dogs simply because some irresponsible people abandon their dogs near to their compound.

Some people just never bother to even feed their dogs or simply let their dog linger around the neighbourhood. This is the case with the dogs outside my house.

The white 'big dog' that I use to feed had found a new master. I always see him around the other lorong, inside a house. That is good news to him. I thought, I do not need to feed any stray dogs anymore. But this is wrong. Not long after the big 'white dog' left the territory, here comes another two, much bigger dog lingering the area. Not only these two brothers but there are also 2 local dogs around. I don't know whose owner is these two brothers, but they definitely is belong to somebody! Why? Because they are 3x my dog's size and is definite…

Easter Vigil – The Baptismal

Finally, the day that all the participation is waiting for is here. It is the baptism of candidates that have been studying and attending Sunday classes for more than one year. BF is one of them.

On the way to St. Joseph Cathedral
We arrived at St. Joseph at 6.30pm although the mass starts at 8pm. When we reach there, the place is already crowded with people. I think everyone comes early to get a place inside the church.Lighting of candles, represent the starting of Easter Vigil
As usual, the Easter vigil mass. The baptism is right before the communion. There are two types of baptism. The candidates can choose to go into the small pool or just simply pouring waters on the forehead. Many actually opt for pool. In total, there are 184 candidates tonight.Before the baptism starts, I quickly make a move to the pool area so that I do not miss the chance of seeing it happening. Well, I am one of the big gals that are so eager in seeing it happening. Hahaha… All around me are kids’ ages below…

World Events for 2009

As posted in my Health Blog on the recent "World Health Day", there are many other events going on in 2009 to create awareness amongst the 'homo-sapiens' in order to lead a better life in this complicated world. Other events coming up are:
Earth Day, 22nd Apr 2009World Malaria Day, 25th Apr 2009World Press Freedom Day, 3rd May 2009 (I doubt this is a worldly celebrate)World Environment Day, 5th June 2009International Day of Peace, 21st September 2009I think the best of all the list here are the last event, International Day of Peace. Lately, I just hate to watch news or read the newspaper. Everywhere around the world, there are riots, people taking innocent life or bombing another country. Tragedy at Gaza, jobless man killing people out of frustration, demonstration on disatisfaction and many more.

Our world is indeed and in need of an International Day of Peace. I think, this should be a monthly events to create more awareness in everyone's life.

Working Joke Comics

I found this comics very funny and interesting.. Have a nice working life!

Bak Kut Teh @ BDC Hiang Mon Low

On one of my UNPAID FORCE LEAVE, BF and I met at BDC for lunch. I just accompany him since I need to shop at Watson. As usual, lunch at bdc would mean Bak Kut Teh for lunch.

Previously before the petrol crisis and current economy crisis, the bak kut teh is sold at RM5.80. A day after petrol increased is announced, the food price goes up to RM6.80. I thought that the price remains at RM6.80 until now. Although we are hit with economy crisis now, I don't see if there is any reason for the price to increae. But, I am shock when the price is actually RM7 per bowl of Bak Kut Teh!!! I was like "WHAT???"

BDC Bak Kut Teh which cost RM7!!

The Chillie & Garlic Rice

Some businessman really know how to 'kill' their customer. Unlike before, the place at Hiang Mon Low is not that crowded anymore. I think, some shop owner just take the advantage of economic crisis to benefit their on wallet. Bet, they claim that their earning is less than 3K per month when in actual facts, the …