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The Movie, Transformer II - The Rise of the Fallen

Last Saturday, went to watch this movie with BF. We actually bought the ticket the day before, after work. BF worried that we couldn’t get any ticket with nice sitting place if we buy the ticket before the actual time. He has been calling the Star Cineplex for hours and nobody seems to pick up the phones. Well, I guess they purposely do that.

The queue at Star Cineplex, awaiting for their turn to buy movie ticket

The queue ended at the lift area

BF wore his favorite Transformer t-shirt to the movies. He don't let me take photos of the back of his shirt.

Transformer die-hard fan

Close look

I am glad that we bought the ticket earlier. Else, I’ll be one of those people that queue up just to get a sit for the movie. The queue is so long that it reaches the lift. I even manage to have time for sushi & buy some popcorn and walk around the booth at the counter area.

Poster of Transformer are everywhere in Star Cineplex

Anyway, the movie is ok for me. As I’m not the super big fan of Transform…

Fixed Deposit Rate as of 13th Mar 2009

Today, I try to find some information related to fixed deposits. Some company has shown increase in business, therefore, I assume that bank businesses should be picking up as well.

(click to enlarge)

The last FD interest that I know is extremely low. Standard Chartered is only 2.0% (3mth) while Ambank is only 2.1%. I tried to do some google search. It turns out that the interest rate is still the same. *Sigh*.

Does anyone knows the most up to date rate for fixed deposits?

One Month NO Shopping Challenge

While I'm doing my budgeting and calculating my expenses every month vs my resolution for 2009, I realize that lately, I've been spending unnecessarily. Although the amount that I spend is RM3-RM10, but when I add all it up, the amount can reach RM100 on NOT IMPORTANT stuff.

I realize that as long as I step my feet out of the house/office, I will always be spending something. In office, I've been tempted to buy tidbits from cafe although they sold it at super expensive price. When going out for lunch, I tends to have side order although whatever order that I've made is enough to fill my stomach. When I accompany BF for lunch, I realize that I will also be tempted to order something although I'm not hungry! When waiting for my dad to buy Toto, I'm tempted with the little shop outside the toto. They are selling those kueh and cakes. I'm not hungry but looking at those food, I just couldn't resist the temptation.

There is one time where my dad went to Kenyal…

Chinese New Year 2010 vs Valentine's Day

Do any of you know that Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day for 2010 will be on the same day? Well, I only knew it just now when my colleague mention about it. What a coincident! This brings me to some short google search. It happens that, for every year of animal sign, there is a specific day to celebrate CNY. Hhmm, I never know about this.

Taken from this website

So, CNY vs Valentine's day. Which one would be your choice? I believe some would prefer to go back to hometown to celebrate CNY rather than celebrating Valentine. Also, most shop will be closed during the first day of CNY. I wonder how will the dual celebration looks like.

Jalan Song - Jalan Tun Jugah New Flyover

Have anyone heard of this news? Basically, Sarawakian (especially Kuching people) will have another flyover in less than a year time. It will be build at one of the most busy street in Kuching, that is Jalan Song - Jalan Tun Jugah. Jalan Song is always jam especially after office hour at 5.30pm - 6.30pm. With the plan of new flyover, I believe that the traffic jam at this road will gets worst until the flyover is done.

It will be built in the direction of the airport to Kuching. Expected completion would be 6 months time. Personally I doubt it. Besides that, a dual-carriageaway between Kenyalang Interchange and Simpang Tiga will be widened to three and four lane. This whole project are estimated to be worth 75 millions (I wish I have 1% of this amount!!!) - More info at catcity website.

I have concern during the progress of building the flyover. I guess, it may impact the traffic jam at BDC roundabout as well. If this happens, I might not be able to reach home early for 6 months. What&#…