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Papaya Good For Female??

While doing my work in the office, I bring some papaya from home. I have 3 tree of papaya at home and all are bearing fruits at the moment.

Then, one of my chatter friend told me that papaya good for female. I was surprise to know about this and ask JenJen for confirmation (whahaha, sound like official thing pula). JenJen answer makes me think twice of eating papaya.

All I know about papaya is that it is full of fiber and after ate them, I can easily 'ek ek'. I didn't know that it was also good for the boobs!!! Aiks... How can papaya makes our boobs bigger ?? Huhuhu, I think my boobs is big enough liau ...

Is it really true??????

Sushi King RM2 Promotion

Not sure what strikes me yesterday as all of a sudden, I was thinking of sushi again. Since it is the last day of the RM2 promotion in sushi king, it makes my desire of going even more deeper. Well, yeah, I went there last Monday but it won't do any harm for me to go again, right?

Right after work @5.30pm, I rush to Boulevard for Sushi King. Indeed that Sushi King @The Spring is nearer to my workplace (or looks nearer), but not in a chance I would go to sushi king there. Why? Well, I have a lot of reason..

1. Because the service there is bad
2. Because the food there taste bad and not as nice as the one in Boulevard
3. Because bad service = lost of appetite
4. Because bad food = lost of appetite..

Hehehe, not sure if any of you realize it but Sushi King at Boulevards offers a better service, friendly and the food is much better and fresh too..

OK, enough crap.. So I reached there around 6pm. In order to save time, I parked my car at level 2 without turning one round at level 1. When I…

Jokes of Ah Beng

Ah Beng bought a new mobile.
He sent a message to everyone from his Phone Book & said,
"My Mobile No. Has changed. Earlier it was Nokia 3310. Now it is 6610"

Ah Beng: I am Proud, coz my son is in MedicalCollege.
Friend: Really, what is he studying.
Ah Beng: No, he is not studying, they are studying him.

Ah Beng: Doctor, in my dreams, I play football every night.
DR: Take this tablet, you will be ok.
Ah Beng: Can I take tomorrow, tonight is final game.

Ah Beng: If I die, will u remarry?
Wife: No! I'll stay with my sister. But if I die will u remarry?
Ah Beng: No, I'll also stay with your sister.

Ah Beng: People consider me as "GOD"
Wife: How do you know??
Ah Beng: When I went to the Park today, everybody said,
Oh GOD! U have come again.

Ah Beng complained to the police: "Sir, all items are ! missing,
except the TV in my house."
Police: "How the thief did not take TV?"
Ah Beng: "I was watching TV news..."

Ah Beng comes back 2 his c…

perfect love..

Love is. Living in the moment Love is.. Realizing what you've lost Love is.. Forgiving another's mistake Love is. Forgiving yourself. Love is. Learning to let go Love is. Giving someone wings to fly Love is. Sharing someone else's happiness Love is. Accepting who you are Love is. Healing through the heartbreak Love is.. Making sacrifices Love is.. Embracing the good and bad in lifeLove is.. Willingly making room for people in your heart Love is.. What you're born with Love is. There when you least expect it to be Love is. Being brave enough to cry Love is. Hearing with your ears but listening with your heart Love is. Being hopelessly flawed Love is. Trying your hardest to understand someone Love is. Expecting nothing in return Love is. Having no expectations Love is. Never questioning whyLove is. Finding your way home Love is. Adapting to change Love is. A long journey of self discovery But most of all.. Love makes you who you truly are.

Scary Family Tree's Facts But It is True

While talking to a colleague about taking leave frequently and how many leave I have left, I realize that I need to take leave on 20-May-08 as I had promise my cousin to attend her son's wedding. Read my statement : Her Son's Wedding...

This means, my nephew wedding. Well, way long before I was born, I am called auntie. Huhuhu,.. sound so old. During my kids' time, I use to get angry if he and his sister call me auntie. For one simple fact which is I AM NOT THAT OLD !!!!!

But another scary facts hit me. What if he has baby next year?? Does this mean I am going to be grand-aunty, which is simple words, a NENEK?? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... SOB SOB SOB ... I Don't Want!! HUHUHUHUHU.....