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DIY Mango Juice

P/S: This is actually "kueh ni" juice but in order to make everyone understand what is that, it is actually siblings of mango. So, I'll just call it mango.

Lately, I have been doing lots of DIY(Do It Yourself) stuff. Hehehe... This actually shows that all that I have is time and nothing but time. Kekeke....
Last weekend, we have collected dozens of mangos drop down after the heavy rain. After giving half of them to relatives, neighbours, friends and whoever that ask for it, there's plenty more left. Since I'm bored of eating it, so I had an idea - Mango juice.
Taking out all the 'equipment', I start to crush all the mangos. Hehehe... After that, mix them with sugar water.

Tadaaaa... my mango juice, kept in big bottle. This can last me for a week!

And to do it myself further, I DIY my own drink - Mango Juice Float .. Hahaha...

DIY Manicure

Being female, we will never be apart from shopping, beauty and nail art.. AGREE?

Well, lately I snap and collected some photos of nail polish that I've done so far.. the colors and design. Hehehe ...

I will always go to Kenyalang for the nail art stickers. There's plenty of choices here and the price is very reasonable too. I can get one for as low as RM1.90 where as other places selling the same one for RM3.90! lol...

Any idea where I can get more of these nail art thing?

My fishes

One day, BF came bringing 5 small fish. 2 of them are pregnant. I ended up with 10+ fishes a week later.
Yesterday, I'm back home and fed the fishes. Realize the fish had grown big in a day! When I start counting, "aiks, why so many?".
Then my dad came and say "I take some from next door and put in".
Hhmmm .. pengzzz .. both guys are "dua kali lima". I never say I want to keep fish!!
So, I ended up having a tank full of fish (what species is that, I do not know)....

Mind Games

Just to share this .. Hhmmm .. It's fun. Try it out!

Ranchan Pool, Serian

Woohooooooooooooooo!!!!! Ranchan is one of the most "I WANT TO GO" place for quite some times. It's a recreational park that can only be found in Serian at zero cost. Yeah, you heard me right. The entrance fee is nil!
If I am to compare between Ranchan and Matang Family Park, I would definitely say Ranchan is the best!! Why? It's zero fee and there's food here while Matang Family Park serves limited food. Also, for those who urge for more jungle fun, you can rent a chalet here but in Matang, this is not possible!
Ok, enough promotion about Ranchan. We reached there quite late though (due to the traffic). Obviously we are not hungry anymore but instead tired and exhausted. The kids are so happy seeing the cool water that they just jump in it. I must say that the weather is terrible hot.
View from top of the bridge
And higher up the bridge...
How I wish that I too, did bring some changing clothes. The water is so nice and I'm so excited to jump into it. Sob sob sob…