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Blog Posting and Updates

While reading back my previous posting, I realize that recently, what I wrote is getting lesser in words. Also, it's not as attractive as before. Hhhmmm, where goes all my inspiration of blogging? Why can't I find words within my writing? Even now, I just can't get my sentences right. Sigh!

Oh well, I hope that I'll get it back on track soon.

Anyway, let me share some of my experience going to my routine monthly follow up at private hospital and government clinics.

People always say private hospital better. There's no need to wait and specialist is there to assist you. Oh well, here's what my thought is. I ever waited for almost 3 hours at private hospital waiting for my turn. The most that I wait at government clinic would be 1 hour. So who say private hospital, you get to have the 'no waiting' time? Another thing is private hospital, there's specialist. Well, the longest time I'm with the specialist might be only 5 minutes? VS government clin…