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After Courting Stage - What Guy & Girl Would Do For Each Other

Hhmm.. Suddenly thought of writing on the situation after courting stage, which mean when one couple starts to date each other. I think there is no much point in talking about this when during courting stage... BECAUSE, everything gal say is a "YES" for guy. So, there is no point in talking about it ...

OK.. When a couple is dating, girl would do what she can to please the guys. Things like going to his house just to see him, listen to what the guy wants and later gives him a surprise, etc, etc ... A gal would also get very sensitive with her bf and sometimes, kiddingly angry just to see the guy's reaction.

Gals would also expect that the guy would gives him surprises like what he do during courting stage. She indirectly expects the guy to do as what she would willing to do for him. Sometimes, we (gals) would simply tries to prepare some dishes of food (simple or tough food) just for the guy to taste. No matter how bad we are in cooking, we will try to make something out…

Debts / Loans / Credit Card

While waiting for my macros to complete running, I am strike with the thoughts of debts and loans.

In this modern world, more and more people having problems in settling their debts or loans. Most of this debts are from:
- Bank loans
- Study loans
- Car loans
- House loans
- Credit cards

As we gets more and more debts, the bankers get richer and richer. When thinking about the debts, it makes us wonder and keep thinking "When can I be free from debts?".. I asked this questions almost everyday.

When I watched TV, it seems to me that there are a lot of advertisement that attracts us to have credit cards. After being strike with some credit card issue and debts, I felt that we should be wise in handling our financial.

Credit cards is something that we needs to have BUT not necessary to be use. It is just a temporary solution when we are out of cash. Any debts with our credit cards should be settle ASAP.

Well, after being strike few times financially, here are some of my solution in s…

Doing Good Things - Help David Lee Seng Kieong

Hi Readers, Please take note on this .. I guess this is one of the true junk mail that I received ... As one of the helping hand, I posted it in my blog to spread the news around ...

To all our dearest family members, relatives, friends and stranger friends who would like to help out.
My brother, David Lee Seng Kieong, aged 48 was recently diagnosed with a fatal liver illness, Hepatocellular Cancer. Doctor has indicated a very short survival life span. The only way out is through Liver Transplant.

David is currently attached to Shell Petroleum in Miri. With 3 loving kids (aged 9-15) and his wife, Crystal, David has been faithfully and loyally serving God through his work in the various churches in Miri and he is also one of the founder of the SenadinChurch for youth in University of Curtin campus. Devoted to God, his family and his work while harbouring hopes of seeing his 3 wonderful kids going through colleges, having health problems was the last thing on his mind.

Study Loan Monthly Payment Should Include as Tax Deductible

When we are :
- 5 years old, thinking of candy
- 10 years old, thinking of games
- 15 years old, I am dreaming of what we want to be
- 20 years old, striving hard to get piece of paper
- 25 years old, stricking hard to clear study loan!

At least that is my life path. While talking to a colleague here about debts and when estimated of settlement, it strikes me to think that those that are to pay for study loan still needs to pay for income tax as well. Felt it doesn't make sense.

Let say A earns 2.6K after deduct EPF and B too earns the same amount after deducting EPF. However, A needs to pay minimum of RM200 on study loan, which makes A's salary is 2.4K after that. For those earning below 2.5K, they don't have to pay income tax. But why A is paying for tax when A needs to pay for the study loan and after deducting that amount, the salary is less than 2.5K?? Huhuhu .. That is what I felt but what to do.....

One Cents Coin

Ever since that the rounding up of coins, I felt that some supermarket are doing some sort of tricks on the price of the goodies especially fresh items such as vegetables, meats, fish and fruits. Will this benefits to use, the consumer?? I doubt it ...

OK, I went to one supermarket last week. Taking some fruits and vegetables as I need something for my salad dishes. When I go to measure the weight, the cost of the foods are all ... 99 cents, RM1.89, RM1.54..... Anyone knows what am I talking here?? Well, why in the hack is all the price are ending with 3 or 4 or 9 cents ?? Is this coincidence or am I really so great to take something which would ended up with 9 cents at the back?

This is really a smart way for supermarket to get more profits, while us losing in it. For example: If the items are RM0.87 cent but since RM0.87 would be rounded up and become RM0.85, therefore, some twisting are done to ensure the price would be RM0.89. Let say, 1 cents extra are 'cheated', if one per…

Guy with Brains

You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.

And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.

What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)

Do You Go For A Guy's Brains or Body?

Meaningful Day

Today is quite a meaningful day as many things are happening today. Hhmmm, sitting here at 7.30am, unlike any other days, I did not go up for breakfast.

Reason is because my breakfast partner a.k.a bf is on leave. He is taking his driving license test today. Well, it's quite a day to marks as it is also the last day JenJen would be working here. I bet she is feeling extremely happy about it and excited on the new challenge, starting tomorrow. Yeah, she is going to fly to KL tomorrow and once a gain reunited with her bf.

It is also the last day of a friend of mine, which I once called him my sand bag. More elaboration? Ok, well, I used to hit him. Hahahaha!!! The best part is that he would never hit back. And even if he do hit back, it is more like hitting an ant. Although I always hit them, we do talk and chit chat well. Gonna miss him.. Hey, don't think elsewhere!! He is not available and I am not available as well!! Hahaha....

OK, Monday blues as well, I hope I won't get to…