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Food is our Biggest Neccessity in Daily Life

Yeah, without food we won't have energy and without energy, we won't be able to perform up to the maximum. Lol... I guess one of my hobbies is to eat and nothing but EAT. Hahaha...

Wondering what to eat later or tomorrow? Well, here's some suggestions....

Happy Malaysia Day!!

As I've missed out wishing everyone Happy Independence Day or Raya, I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY!!!

I still remember when I'm still a kid, computers cost so much that I can't have one for myself. Clothes is typically from my previous cousins. We don't get to have our own new clothes (except for CNY).

Even shopping is only to get household stuff. There's no Boulevard, The Spring or whatsoever shopping complex with fancy clothes and cute stuff. Even if they do have, parents are strict in what we can have and what we don't need to ask for.

Kid nowadays can get almost half of what I don't have as a kid. That's how fast the progress of development in Malaysia. I believe in few more decades from now, technology would spread even more and hopefully by the, we will have our own train station. Lol..

Lastly, enjoy your holidays and God Bless!

2010 Reunion Gathering

There's a say - Once a Marian, Always a Marians. I absolutely agree with this sentence!

Few weeks ago, I have attended one of the gathering setup by my long lost friends, Lil. Its been one decade since the last time I met most of them. Now, it's not only them but their partner too!! Some had gotten married with kids, some engaged and some with a partner.

I still remember how pollute the whole schools with girls only talk and its been a decade that I hear all the girls talk. Being in all girls school, it's quite challenging. Teachers becoming our target for gossips and lesbian-tomboy thingy is common. We even changed cloth for PJ in the room with no walls or anything! That is what we call GIRLS. Hahaha ..

From this gathering, the atmosphere of school time is back. Everywhere, there's ladies chit-chating, laughing and crazy-ing. I think we have made other customer there very uncomfortable. BF describe the atmosphere as noise pollutions and not peaceful. Hahahaha!! I th…

Shopping Mode is Around the Corner

With Independence Day, Raya and holidays, I have been in some shopping mode recently. Have been buying clothes and eating non stop. In fact, I'm starting to gain weight again. Sigh!

This will be a short posting and more to pictures. It's been bad day for me lately due to stress and shopping is one of the cure for the stress.