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Hong Kong Noodles Restaurant, Wisma Saberkas

Anyone ever been here before? This is one of the best restaurant that I use to go. The food is nice and the quality is good too. On the price, it is very reasonable.

I went to have my favourite dish, the claypot mee. They called is mee in pot. Previously, I ate claypot mee at 7th mile. For me, no one can defeat Hong Kong Noodles' Claypot mee. I grade them 10 out of 10! Hahahaha...

My Favourite Mee in Pot
Selling at RM3.50, their claypot mee have a lot of ingredients, including eggs. I like the soup too. My dad is commenting that I drink the soup more than the mee. Anyway, it's nice !!!!
Oh ya, not forgetting their sambal chillie. For those that cannot stand spicy, this is not your choice. As for me, this is a must have items in the menu.

My favourite sambal chillie
My dad ordered the sweet and sour chicken. The taste not bad. RM5 with aircond, I give it grade 7 out of 10.

I would suggest people to come here. I heard that there are one branch at town area, but so far, I haven'…

Baba Ganoush, Pending, Kuching

Located at Pending, Baba Ganoush Restaurant serve all sorts of variety of foods from western to chinese cuisine. I had never been there before and most of the time, hear stories of people going there for lunch or dinner. So, I decided to go there to taste the food myself. Well, to my surprise, the food there is not expensive at all. Some would say that cheap food won't be nice or will never fill out stomach. For me, this is not the case for Baba Ganoush. I ordered fish & chips since I've been thinking of it for quite some time. BF order his normal dish of "nasi briyani" with chicken. We both settle with Ribena sprite. Ribena Sprite, RM3.50 eachFish & Chips, RM12.50Nasi Briyani with Chicken, RM7.50Overall, here's my comment: Fish & chip taste just ok - 7 out of 10Nasi briyani taste quite nice - 7 out of 10Curry for the nasi briyani - 8 out of 10Chicken - 9 out of 10 Ribena sprite - 5 out of 10 (too sweet with too little sprite.. the drink is filled wit…

Happy Birthday Greetings

I know, my blog seldom wishes anyone anything but for this month, I can't help but to wish everyone who are born in this month a very Happy Birthday!!! Hehehe...

This year, I'm going to celebrate my birthday as public holiday (due to the Raya celebration). Yeah! For so many years, I've been wanting a birthday that is on public holiday so that I don't have to take annual leave. Yiipppeeee!!!!

As I mention previously, BF gave me super be-earlier b'day prezzie already, so I don't hope for any prezzie this month (sobs). And I got RM5 voucher from company for my birthday. I bought 2 Nips + 2 lollipop + 1 chewing gum with the RM5 + RM1 subsidy. Yeah.....

For blogger that I know that birthday fall this month ... I wish Happy Birthday to Ching & Daniel ... Happy Birthday to you too !!

So, again ... Happy Happy Happy Birthday everyone!!

Waiting Is Finally Over

The hardest thing to do is waiting,
Waiting for bus,
Waiting for someone,
Even waiting for some precious news. I've waitd for a week,
Finally it's over,
I've got it,
And it's good newsIt's worth the effort,
It's worth the hard work,
Although the road is still blur,
But it's good for now. Don't ask me what's that,
It's a gift, that's what it is,
And the gift to be cherish,
The best gift to celebrate.

Godiva Dark Chocolate

I love my job ..
I love my job ..
I love my job ..
I love my job ..
I love my job ..
I love my job .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
WHY ? ..
.. Because I've received chocolates .. Hahahaha !!! lol .... Actually not everyone likes this types of chocolate. The bitter taste makes not everyone like it. For me, I like it because the cocoa taste is very strong when the sugar level is less.

For health reason, bitter chocolate has a lot of benefits. To know more about the benefits, click on my other blog here.

Dog Desperate for Ice-creams

How would your dog re-act when he/she desperately asking for ice cream?
She can only use her leg to ask for the ice cream on my hand. She is forbidden from going up the bed with four leg. So, in this short movie, she tried her best to ensure her back leg is on the floor, while trying to grab the ice cream on my hand .......

Decoration Sticker for Standard Tiles

Tiles is always use to decorate out bathrooms and kitchen because it is easily clean and also sort of water-proof.

However, tiles is always comes with no design, which is quite irritating for some of us who desire for decorations. The other day, I went to Super Save at King Centre. I got attracted with the decoration sticker which are sold at RM0.99 per packet (only 3 pieces of sticker).

Bought some home and I start to decorate my bathroom and toilet with it. Want to see?

Tadaaaa !!

Bathroom - Before the decorations

Toilet - Before the decorations

Bathroom - After some sticker on the wall

Toilet - Dolphins everywhere
Anyway, this is just suggestion on how we can decorate our house ...