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Bukit Mata Seafood Restaurant, One Jaya

I think I've post about Bukit Mata Seafood for dinner, did I?

Hehe, this time, I went there for lunch. Well, when we talk about seafood restaurant, what we will think of is seafood and side dishes, am I right?

During lunch time, one of my lunch location will be the Bukit Mata Seafood and One Jaya. If you are wondering of the price, well, its affordable.. I'll let the picture speaks for me. If you are not a big eater, I suggest sharing. I can't finish one plate by myself. I need helpers..

The price and hassle of smokes from cigarettes of the heat from the sun.. worth it right?

Betapa Hatiku

When I'm in secondary school, I must admit that from time to time, I've been bad and lost. There's one time, I pass by the school hall where the school ISCF  is singing. For those who don't know, ISCF stands for Inter School Christian Fellowship.

At that time, they are singing this song. It makes my heart move for a moment and I enter the hall just to have a peep. Without myself knowing it, in just few minutes, I'm on my knees and crying for God knows what is the reason.

After a while, I finally find back this song.. and thought that you might loves it too.. Take a moment for yourselves and just praise God while listening. God has His own ways to works miracles on you.

Here's the lyrics:
Betapa Hatiku

Berterima kasih Yesus
Kau Mengasihi ku
Kau memiliki ku
Hanya ini Tuhan, Persembahanku
Segenap hidupku, Jiwa dan raguku
Tak ku memiliki harta kekayaan
Yang cukup bererti, tuk kupersembahkan
Hanya ini Tuhan, permohonanku
Terimalah Tuhan, persembahanku
Pakai lah hidup…


New coffee shoop is in town! For those who do not understand hokkien, 'Chiak Pa Boi' means have you eaten yet. I must admit that the shop owner is indeed good in giving the name of the shop. I think it's kind of cute.

So, being Kuching-lang, definitely I'll go and visit any new coffee shop in town. My first impression - cool. And I'm attracted by their toilet sign. Believe me, it's cute too...

I order 'bak chang' from one of the stall. My dad order the 'pat lo' rice while HB order kampua mee. The food is nice. But then, I must say, I almost lost my temper waiting for my drinks. Their reason is that one of the drink maker had resign last minutes.

Oh well, for me, this reason is really unacceptable. They are only in town for less than a week and had already experience people leaving? Hhmmmm.. They should try to solve the root cause rather than giving excuses! If I'm the owner, I would definitely discount for the drinks. How long I waited? Oh w…