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Dine at Pai Jia Le, RH Plaza, BDC

Its been a while since the day I came here for food. Actually, our original plan is Sweet Happiness at Stutong. However, when we got there, the place is fully booked! Wow, I never know Kuching-lang is so lazy in cooking.

So we settled down at Pai Jia Le.

When we reach there, we are greeted with a plate of peanuts and menu for drinks. I order watermelon juice. BF order crysanthemum tea while my dad, as usual, chinese tea.

BF saw "Sze Chuan Soup" in the menu and straightaway order this. For me, I've been thinking of 'o-jien' since I open my eyes in the morning. My dad ordered 3-layer pork fried in salty fish. Then, we order mix vegetables and also sweet and sour fish.

The sze chuan soup is way too sour. I like it sour but the other two guys don't really likes sour stuff. Haha.. But above all, 'o-jien'!!!!! It turns out that the other two guys don't want to eat o-jien and I ended up eating almost half the plate. lol...

BF and my dad likes the fried pork w…

Christian Ecumenical Centre, Kuching - Holy Spirit Makes Us One

Christian Ecumenical Centre located at Jalan Stampin, is a joint christian centre for all churches in Kuching. It has a hall for a multi purpose functions, be it for churches events or personal such as a wedding banquet.

As previously mention in my blog, so on the 7th May, I attended the healing and deliverance sesion at Christian Ecumenical Centre. It is nice to see the place is crowded with people with faith and trust in Him.

While waiting for more people to come, we sing song. Being the 'curious cat', I walked around the center and went into the Life Book Centre which is next to the hall. Saw this bag which I almost wants to bring it back with me.

My dad is one of the members for the Holy Cross Ministry. I didn't join him as I'm way too lazy to fill my time fully. I rather sleep or just sit in front of TV and watch dvd. What a sinner I am!

Well, at least I attend the session, right. While waiting for BF, I almost fall asleep. The songs makes me sleepy. The hall begins t…

Malaysia's SARBEX 2010 at BCCK

7th May is the day,
Marks the beginning of SARBEX,
In the world of BCCK, visitors are amazed,
With the constructions of properties,
All over Malaysia. My dream house .. Haha, I know, suddenly I'm getting poetic in my blog. Just wondering, will it be a good idea to turn my representation of post in my blog in the poetic way? Hhhmmmm....

Ok, enough with my crap. As mention in my short poem, on the 7th May, BCCK is having the SARBEX exhibition especially for those who is interested to buy house, furnitures and even in getting some tips about fengshui.
I went there on the first day. THis exhibition lasted for 3 days only. Not much entertainment for me though as I am looking for house decorations stuff but can't find the only that ideal for me. Most of the exhibitors are promoting their new house project rather than house decoration/furniture.

So, cut the crap and here's the photo...