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We Plan, HE Decides - We Can't Control our Destiny

Earlier in the morning, I have set my planned for what I wants to do in the evening. That is, have some simple breakfast, light lunch, aerobics and light dinner. This is the planned of fasting and dieting. After the light dinner, next plan to wait for my bf to come and together play with Daisy and listens to my dad's story on how naughty and hard work he need to do to takes care of the little devil.

Well, yeah, I had a light breakfast, didn't finish the porridge as I have no appetite for it. Then, 2 vege + 2 spoon rice for lunch. Jen gave me a big apple and I share them with my bf, forcing him to take 4 big bites of them. I guess, my diets still on track. Then for tea break, it's really unpredictable that the cafe are selling some onion ring. So, I bought RM1 (5pcs) and share with bf. He, bought a pack of 'fish keropok' and I ate them too. It was so tasty especially when dip into chillie sauce. At normal time, m…
Money - No. 1 Killer

Today, one of my colleague been talking to me about how he tries to reach his target of becoming a millionaire and to retires early. Part of the things that he mention including to have one million for one child and to gives all the things in the world for his wife and kids. He has been very hardworking in seeking for any possibility of chances and ideas that would bring him to the goal of getting millions of ringgit. After a few days of chat about the idea of money and more money, I really hope that he could realize that we live to earn more money but we live to have the time to use the money.

I'm not sure if I have the rights to say this but all I learnt is that money is important but health and family is more important. Indeed that once you have achieve the goals of becoming a millionaire, we could have plenty of time LATER for them. What if later never comes? What if your goal never achieves? Not only that you have lost the time but also it is too late to r…
What I Do Today

Hhmmm, let me start from early in the morning .. Around 1am - 2am, I heard some scratching and crying sound outside that makes me awake and can't sleep after that. I know who make those sounds. So I got up, went to washroom. Daisy follow me to the toilet then later go back and sit in front of my room door.

As she looks so pity, so I bring her in to sleep with me again. She sleep like a pig and even kicked me few times. I think that is because of nightmare. I can hear her grumping and making hhmmpppfff sound. When I gets tired, I try to pull my hand away and sleep on the other side, giving space for myself. Little Daisy just hard to pushed away. She is taking my hand as a pillow of hers.. Huh!

Then, I wake up but didn't see her by my side. I think while I'm asleep, my dad bring her to accompany him in his room. Whahahaha ... !!

Then this morning, waking up super early as AGAIN Daisy is making a lot of playful sound outside. So, I get ready and go to work. Ate 1 …
Prostitution / Scandal / Multiple Sex Partner

Why am I writting about this? Well, while chatting with one of my chat mate, one of the topics that we talk is about scandal. Some people (guys) are really so irresponsible and stupid. What would make them thing of having another sex partner or should I say a one night stand? As for the prostitute or the supplier, how could they sell their dignity just to satisfy the hunger of some irresponsible man?

Let me talked about the customer of this. Did they know the risk they are taking by having sex with some unknown girls? Not to mention about the 'penyakit kelamin' but also the major risk of AIDS. Or did they ignore simply because they are too 'hungry'? There are plenty of girl out there that offer the service of sex and some guy never hesitate to reject but just taking it for granted. I really wonder what makes them so irresponsible. Not only that they are being irresponsible on their own life and health, but also towards their…
Lesson for All - Be Humble & Loving

While I'm clearing my mailbox this morning, I went through one of the junk mail forwarded by my loso cousin, Flo. It was a nice and touching stories which I felt like sharing it with everyone.

It doesn't matter who we have or what we have. What matters is we should cherish and pour all our heart for those that arounds us and never ever judge a person from their appearance. What matters is the inner soul and spirit. God is always fair. Of all the bad things that happens to us, He will create an equal solution and greatness for us to overcome the challenge.

The stories for today:
My mom only had one eye. I hated her... she was such an embarrassment. She cooked for students & teachers to support the family. There was this one day during elementary school where my mom came to say hello to me. I was so embarrassed. How could she do this to me?

I ignored her, threw her a hateful look and ran out. The next day at school one of my classmate…
Which Country I Belong to?

As I am reading my friend's blog, I went through AppleJul Blog on which country I belong to. So I try the test out. Here is my result.. Haha, well, I agree with what it says....

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.

A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.

A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything.

No wonder you and London will get along so well.

What City Do You Belong In?
Kopi "O" Peng - Price in Kuching

Since my computer hangs now, so, take this chance and write about something that makes me wonder. Have anyone realize that some coffee shop is charging this drink at a very unreasonable price?

Let me elaborate. Kopi "O" Peng suppose to be very cheap and low cost compared to other drinks except for chinese tea and sky juice. Let me list out the price that I know in some of the coffee shop in Kuching:

Hiang Mon Low, BDC - RM1.50
A1B2, BDC - RM1.00
King Centre - RM1.10
Foody Goodies - RM1.50
Samajaya Food Court - RM1.50

Some other places are selling it up to RM1.80!! Why is it that there is not control on price for drinks?? Especially for drinks like kopi 'o', kopi, teh 'o', teh 'c', teh.... All this are very cheap but the selling price is so expensive! I'm ok if the price is RM1.00 or RM1.10 but to drink kopi 'o' that cost more than that seems ridiculous. Did they use a better coffee or still the cheap coff…
Chocolates - A Gift to Melt Girl's Heart

While looking at the pictures that I have in my pen drive, I found that I took some chocolates pictures. Share is will all of you ya .. Indeed, chocolates is a good gift to melt girl's heart. Isn't it true? Well, girl likes to receives chocolates BUT on the other hand, will always worries of the calories containing in the food. Although we worried, but still, chocolates as a gift for us will never make us angry. Hehehe...

I receives this somewhere last month (don't guess who, it's just a official thingy). I didn't eat much of it but my dad finish almost all of them. At least, I'm happy to receive chocolates and at the same time, it is also a gift for my dad as one of his junk food. Killing two birds with one stone?? Hahahaha ...

Well, for those guy out there, buy chocolates to the girl you like. It doesn't necessary to be an expensive one but at least it must be something that the girl likes. There are a lots of c…
Sushi Again on 6 Months Anniversary

Hehehe, I think some of you would say I'm crazy today for posting so many things in my blog. Well, I'm too excited in posting today. Also, yesterday marks the 6 months me and bf started to date. I guess I did writes about how I know him. Let me summarize again. I am his customer and he is my supplier, in some ways on work related. Hehehe, we hardly meet or talk face to face but via emails only. Then, we knew each other from friends. SInce then, things started to happen between us. If I am to choose a person by physical (because he is thinner than me..hahahaha), he may not be the one, but in character he is the one I'm looking for. After 6 months of dating and eating, finally I saw some tummy on him. Kekekeke ... Blekkkkk ..!!

OK, enough crap and now to the main thing. Yeah, I influence him to eat sushi. Before this he tell me sushi is nothing but no taste and weird smell. But then, slowly, he learned to eat sushi. So, we went to Sushi King…
Ipoh Town

Last Saturday, I went to Ipoh Town in Boulevard for late lunch. Planning of KFC, but seeing the new store of Rasa Ria (or something like that), we walked to see what they have. Anway, we end up in Ipoh Town.

My bf ordered the Nasi Lemak while I ordered the Ham+Egg Rice. Well, the nasi lemak looks ok for RM6.30 but for me, it doesn't to be as special as the words special. The ham+egg rice looks more like a luncheon meat+egg and rice and it is RM5.20 which I totally disagree with the price (hehehe)...
I took some of the photos too. From the photos, it makes my mouth watery. I like the chicken from the nasi lemak but the sambal not spicy enough. For the ham+egg, I ate the ham+egg but not the rice....

How I wish that we are in KFC, eating the drumstik that Saturday .. sob sob sob ....
Daisy@PoohPooh - Recovered
Last week, I was worried sick about my newly puppy, Daisy. She seems sick, not eating, vomiting and looks very timid. After bringing her to clinic twice, she seems better.Last Friday, she starts to eat something without vomiting them out. It seems to me that she can eat a lot. But still, very timid. I still remember the firstime I saw her in a cage in SSPCA. She shakes her tail and plays with her sister. Maybe that she misses her sister that makes her moody and not eating.

On Friday, she starts to get naughty. It seems to me that she is very interested in someething like chain, steel and coins. The next day we woke up, we are shock to see the the 'rantai' use to chain her are broken. Lucky that she remains in her sleeping place.

On Saturday, I hardly had the time to keep up with her. When I sweep and mop the floor, she keep on disturbing the dirt that I sweep but scared of my broom. At the end, I ask my brother to hold her while I sweep the floor. She …