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Krista Day, 25th April 2015

The day has come for my little baby to have her first sports day! On 25th April 2015, Krista organized a family day @ sports day for their students age 3 to 6. My kids will be participating too and I'm pretty excited about it as well.

 We all woke up early today and when I put on her Krista shirt, she was a bit reluctant and unhappy. I guess she wonders why is it that she had to go school on Saturday morning. She keep telling us that she doesn't want to go school. I had to keep telling her that, we are not going to school but we are going to have some fun and play with other kids. Unhappy, but she did not resist.

After our breakfast, we reach the place at 9am. There's a lot of parents arrive already and we are lost. I thought that I'm already late. After registration, we headed to the assembly area. My little girl was quite shock to see the crowd and wouldn't let go off my hand. She cried out loud when another 2 boys in front of her cried badly looking for their p…

One Fine Girls' Outing

Yes, I'm pregnant and still it doesn't stop me from having my girl's night out. Hehehe...

If you're a mum and you hardly have time for yourself, I bet, you do agree with me that, once a while, we too, needed some time out for ourselves. Time out is use to re-energize ourselves and refresh us physically and mentally.

So, the ladies and me had decided to have some our me-time by having a decent dinner without the husband and kids. For me, I would so much appreciate this dining because I do not have to watch out for my daughter running around and talking non stop.

We picked Oinks as our meet up area. For those who don't know where, it is near Jalan Song. Oinks is now open during lunch hour. So, if you're thinking of some western food for lunch, you can consider Oinks as one of your choice too.

Bon appetite!