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Economy Crisis - Cost Saving Plan in Daily Routine

As my sighing from previous posting about pay cut, I'm planning a little bit of cost saving from my already tight budget plan. Basically, there is no way for me to cut my expenses since I have already reduce whatever which is unnecessary lastime during petrol issue.

Let me see.. I can still cut from:
- Weekend spending.... no more buy for the sake of buying attitude for now
- No more buying junk food for the sake of achieving my target weight.
- Lessen aerobics from twice a week to once a week (ouch!)
- Still thinking whether or not to join yoga class in my office
- Swimming .. once a month or none at all?

Gosh! I really hope I strike toto first prize and I won't be counting all this amount now!

4 Days Off

Yippee!! I'm so happy!! Why? Because today is FRIDAY and tomorrow is weekend. Hahaha.. Yeah, what a nonsense early in the morning.

Well, as usual, not working in weekend. Then Monday is public holiday here. And, due to the 4 DAYS UNPAID LEAVE announcement, I had chose Tuesday as one of the UNPAID LEAVE day. This means, I'll start my working day on Wednesday!!

On the other hand, this is bad news actually. What am I going to do in this 4 days off period? Hhmmm, let me see.....
Get a haircut, shoulder-length. BF has already agree to let me cut the hair after I mention how cost saving can it be in term of shampoos and conditioner. Hahaha....
Grab a birthday gift for my brother. Well, this year would be a cost saving year, therefore, I still don't know what to get for him...
Clean my room. The last time I ever tidy up my room is before CNY. Hahahaha!!
Clean my living room
Buy my naughty dog's food
Do my technical paper
Polish my nail (hahaha)
Sleep and lots and lots of sleep
Becoming …

The First Confession - St. Mark's Church, Batu Kawa

Last Sunday is BF day of signing the "Book of Life" (I think that's what they call it). From the time table list, it is known as the "First Confession" day... Well, I translate directly the meaning since it's in BM. Hehehe...We arrived there at around 9am. Not many people there that time but there are people setting up stall to sell some food after the church service. BF told me that he had not had any breakfast yet and I nag him. Whahahaha!I had to sit separately from BF and dad since I'm not the godfather. Church service starts at 9.30pm. While waiting for the mass, I took pictures all around the church.

Are they dreaming??

I took some picture when they signed the book. Well, I'm the only photographer that day. One thing different between St. Mark and my church is that during this kind of occasion is that in my church, there will be more than 1 photographers going all round taking photos or filming the whole occasion. I guess Father Lim likes to kee…

Paintball @ Kota Sentosa

Last Saturday, went to Kota Sentosa (not the hospital,ok!) with BF. It actually is farewell for one of the facility guy. He will be leaving the company to other better company.

So, BF came pick me at around 9.30am (I just took my bath after 30 minutes lazy around the house). We went for breakfast @7th mile. I ordered Laksa while BF, as usual Kolo mee. Hhhmmm....
The prawn is extremely huge!!!!!!!!! And the cook is so smart that they left the head but the skin of the prawn is already peel off. Easy to eat and not dirty my hand too. RM3.50 is worth it...

I remember taking this photos because my food had yet to arrive... But BF already stirred is and all the meat is underneath the mee.

Around 10.30am, we reach the paintball location. I will always remember the name of the place: SSCPA. What it stands for, I don't know. Hahahaha!!! The moment I read the name SSCPA, I'm thinking only one thing, that is, SSPCA, the place for animal shelter. Hehehehe.... One thing I don't like here i…

Sushi King Eatery

Yes, another late posting!!!

Went to sushi king for lunch on Valentine's Day. I forgot how much in total we ate... Anyway, here goes the photos for the super dull Monday.

Apart from Unagi, this is my favourite..Hahaha!!

I like this one ....
Hhmmm... Anyway, I don't recall eating this.. I wonder how it taste like....

Dog's Craving for Love

Just to share the photos of my dog, asking people to massage and rub her chest ... see, so so so 'manja' ....

DragonBall Coming in Mar'09

I can't help but to say this.. Dragonball!!!!!! Can't wait to watch this movie in the cinema. Well, I'm not a big fan of Goku or his kame kame ha but I do like to read the comics. I remember reading them at my friend's house while she is sleeping like a pig.

I did some findings on who will be actor in this movie. It turns out one of them is Chow Yun Fatt (wonder who he is.. Goku's grandpa?)..Goku in this movie looks funny. Hahaha.. No offence but I think he looks like a punk.

Anyway, I think I'll wait until this movie falls into the "M" category. Why? Well, I want to make use of my coupons in previledge book and get buy 1 free 1 movie ticket bah. Instead of paying RM18, it would RM9. Hehehe....

Dragon ball = Goku = Kame Kame Ha!!!

Nuffnang is actually having some contest on getting a free ticket to watch the premier. Well, I'm not in KL but still, I feel like joining this contest. Beg BF to make the post of Goku flashing Kame Kame Ha + the standing up…

Adsense Re-Setup Done, USD21 Gone / On the Way?

Yeah, finally I've re-setup everything in my adsense : new login, new email, new payee name and also start all over again from $0. Ouch!

I only realize that I have made quite a big mistake during the initial set up of adsense. I did not put my full name as payee name. Only realize this when I'm thinking of switching the payment method in the express payment (only took 1 day vs 30 days of previous payment methods).

Then, when I did some googling search, it turns out that I need to close the account and not able to change the payee name because I'm living in M'sia. Huh! So, did this, and waited for the confirmation of the account to be close. Got the email on Monday and quickly I tried to create another account using the same emails. It turns out, I cannot use the same email anymore. So off I go using another email.

Activated the account on Tuesday and I need to wait for verification of my account. Finally, on Thurs, the account is verified and I can use Adsense once again.