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Dine @ Barsaga

Have you ever been to Barsaga yet? Well, it is quite a new dining place in Kuching. To those who had never been to Barsaga, it is right behind MD Motor at Chonglin Park.

As some friends are back from oversea, we decided to have a short gathering. Friend A decided to go to Barsaga as they serves no pork. We reach there at 8pm sharp. Yeah, I'm punctual! But I forgot that typical Asian time would always means "+ + " behind the time. While waiting for them, I walk around taking some pictures.

Anyway, the environment is quite nice and I like the scenery. Although I thinks that it would be scary to stay here alone, I do enjoy the view of the mother's nature.

While waiting for other groups, we ordered the satay which, surprisingly, took about 20 minutes to be served. Gosh, I'm awfully hungry by then.

I order blackened fish fillet. The photo is quite dark but the fish is not black in color. Hhhmmm, anyone can tell me why is it the name is blackened when the fish is not bl…

Expert, 4th Mile

As mention in previous post that I'll put the picture of my breakfast a.k.a lunch, last Saturday, went to Expert, 4th Mile. I've been thinking of 'cha kueh' and pork porridge for quite sometimes. So taking the weekend as chance to eat whatever that I like...

Another drink that I've not touch for quite sometimes - 'Ice Lemon Tea'.

And then, my food came.. The porridge is superb! Although the portion is too much, but I try my best to finish them.

As for dessert, its cha kueh. My dad ate 3/4 of it since I am too full with porridge. Hahaha...

I like this place very much. They have a lot of local varieties that is suitable for everyone. Apart from this two dish, you can order others like kolo mee, seafood mee, chicken rice (curry/roasted/steam/etc), fried kueh tiaw/mee, 'ding bian hu' (it's a local foochow dish) and lots more.

If I had no idea where to go for food, I'll surely come here to satisfy my hunger. Hehehe...

Weekend Relaxation

What did you do last weekend?

Well, I had a very relaxing weekend which mainly is for myself. Yeah!! Since BF is working and I don't plan to go anywhere, therefore, the whole weekend is all about what I want to do.

I start my weekend by doing some house chores including my room. Papers, envelopes, pay slip, etc are all over my room. Didn't had time to keep it inside the files (reason is of course lazy). So, took about 30 minutes to put everything into its original place.

Then, my stomach is grooling, seeking for food. So, went breakfast a.k.a lunch at Expert, 4th Mile. Will post the picture of my food later. After that, went to the pet shop nearby.

Hhmmmm, so what's next...Got home at about 12 noon. Then, iron my own clothes for about one hour.

Since that I'm way to free, I take my time thinking of dinner. Tadaaaaaaa .... my dinner...

Well, that's basically what I do on Saturday. On Sunday, as usual, church, then come back and day dream for a while. Then, got bored of t…

Drive Safely - Better be Safe than Sorry

Last Saturday, I passed through the 3rd mile roundabout and caught in an extremely bad jam. First that came into my mind would definitely be "accident".

Before the flyover is built, 3rd mile roundabout is known for accident as everyone is always rushing and driving at high speed although the road there is so small. Thank God that we have the flyover now.

As the car is moving slowly, I manage to catch a glimpse at what had happen and snap some photos too. I am curious to know how the car turn turtle here. Hhhmmmm ... And the jam is horrible. I can see cars everywhere: cars from 4th mile, cars from MJC, everywhere!

Can't everyone agree with me that it is better to drive slowly especially when we are at the roundabout or when it is raining? It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Some people just can't lowered their pride and ego. Why is it that some drivers have to drive so fast? Don't they know that we have less highway in Kuching? lol ...

Randomly Pick Delicacies

This is just a random posting of food that is mostly only can be found locally. Hahaha!

While I go through my food photo, I realize that I've took more pictures on food than people. Hhmm, it seems like a habit already to snap photos of what goes in my mouth and not who accompany me to munch those delicious food.

Breakfast is always the most important meal for the day. As I always been eating randomly on my breakfast, so one morning, I decided to get one healthy breakfast - eggs, meats, bacons, beans, fries and toast.

Previously, I wrote about Cencaluk. Let me showed off my 'cencaluk' another time. This is my one of my lunch menu.

Last week, I make my time to use my super long stored 'jelly'. First, of course I must boil water before dumping the jelly stick into the hot water.

Since I have a lot of canned drinks left over from CNY, I use some for the taste. After standing and thinking for a while, I decided to make Justea Jelly....

And packed it for dessert for lunch whil…