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NEUHAUS Dark Chocolate

Before this, I only knew that dark chocolate is GODIVA. Little did I know that there's other types of dark chocolate brand.
Got a gift from supplier on another types of dark chocolate brand - NEUHAUS.
For those who loves dark chocolate, you should try this one. For me, this is better than GODIVA. Hehehe ..
Now that explain why my weight just don't get off my body....

Jong Crocodile, Revisited Again

Jong Crocodile, here I am again! Previously, I have posted three posting (part 1, part 2, part 3) about Jong's Crocodile.

This time, I notice there's some changes or a lot of changes... Things that remains are the entrance fee: RM10 for Sarawakian and RM16 for non-Sarawakian. Yeah, somehow, I felt being Sarawakian do give me some benefits.

That day, Jong Crocodile earn a bunch from us. I went there with my cousins's family, in total - 8 adults + 7 kids. So you can imagine how chaos the day!

The Entrance

No change of fees Adult - RM10 (Sarawakian) / RM16 (non Sarawakian) Children below 12 - RM5 (Sarawakian) / RM8 (non Sarawakian)


The Fishes

Crocodile Feeding - Gate A

Animals in Jongs'

Lastime, I manage to take picture with this bird, side by side. It appears to me that this bird is 'dying'

Pig Slaughtering, Niah, Miri

Have you imagine how do we get our pork? In fact, I do think of how do they slaughter this lovely animal to satisfy our needs for pork.
During the trip to Niah, BF had taken photos of how a pig is being slaughtered for the consumption of the whole families. For those who is low in spirit, you can close my blog now... Hehehe ...
Anyway, I'm glad I'm not there. If I am there, my heart would cries out and ask them not to kill it. Instead of helping them, I'll be giving them more troubles in the slaughtering process. Aiks..
Here's the slaughtering...

A Visit to Niah, Miri

Have anyone been to Niah?

Well, Niah is a small town in Miri. It is about 45 mins from Miri. The first time I went to Niah is to challenge myself on Niah Caves. It was one of the best experience I've ever tried!
What can we see in Niah apart from Niah caves? At the bus station area, you can visit the 'pets'. There's this turtoise/turtle (not sure which category it belongs to). If not mistaken, this small creature is older than my dad!

The bus station in Niah is so much better than the one we have in Kuching at the moment. Why? We don't have any turtoise so old that it can be a symbol to represent my town! lol...
Anyway, some photos of Niah and its development. Soon, I believe Niah will be one of the most attractive places in Kuching.

Don't you think the sunset view is wonderful? Hehehe....