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Pooh-Pooh : The Little One

Yesterday, while playing with my puppy, I realize that she is getting bigger and taller. Errrrmm, I think taller would represent her more. Somehow, her head is still very small. I guess her body is developed to looks like a rottweiller while the head is our M'sia local dogs size. Imagine that. I often call her wolf as her face really looks as pretending as a wolf. Hahahaha ...

When I bring her to doctor for her booster injection, she terrified. Hanging on to me with her tail down and even the ear is down, she keep looking at me, asking for protection. I was really 'kek tiok' because if she is at home, my house would hit a tornado where she is the one that is spinning my whole house.

She is a smart and naughty. She learn something by looking at what I do. Some of the trick that she learnt is to pull open the mosquitoes netting door that covers all the room. At first, she learn to open my dad's room's netting door. That is easy as I could see there is some small gap in…

Seafood @ 3rd Mile

Few weeks ago, I went to 3rd mile for some seafood. Well, the thoughts of craving for seafood starts when I went there to pay my celcom bills. As outside the celcom, there are some coffee shops that operates during the night time. The food at one of the coffee shops attracts both me and bf.

We ordered 3 types only. Thinking that I'm on a diet and my bf isn't a big eater, 3 types is more than enough. So, here we go with 'Ikan Bakar', 'Bidin' and Tom Yam. I am actually feeling sick with flu and cough but still I can't get tom yam out of my mind. Here are some of the pictures of the food.

First Bidin. The other day, I went to MJC pasar malam and had mistaken paku with bidin. Hahahaha, that explain how blur I am with cough and flu.

Second, the tom yam. Well, it's not exactly tom yam soup as I'm expecting (soup too little) but still it taste very nice. I ate most of the tom ya while bf ate the fishes inside. Hahaha...

Third came the ikan bakar.. Yum yum ..…

Petrol Filling - Tips

I read in one of the junk mail about how to fills our car petrol efficiently. Not sure if it is true or not, but I think a trial won't cause us any damage, right?

Here is the tips :
Only buy or fill up the petrol early in the morning when the ground temperature is still cold. Most service stations have their storage tanks burieed below ground. The colder the ground, the higher is the density. Warm weather, petrol expands (afternoon/evening). Do not squeeze the trigger of the nozzle to fast mode. In slow mode, vapours are minimized. If you pump the car on the fast rate, some of the liquid that goes into the tank becomes vapour. Those vapours are sucked up and back into the underground storage. Fill up the tank when it is half full. Because, the more fuel you have in your tank, the less air occupying its empty space. Petrol evaporates faster that we could imagine.Lastly, do not fill up your car if there is a fuel truck pumping into the storage tank. Most likely that the petrol is bein…

Once a Mother, Always Your Mother

I remember that when I am small, my parents would put me under the care of my dad's sister. On weekdays, I will be with my her and went back to my own home during weekend. Due to this, I mistakenly known her as my mom. Well, yeah, each time I call "Mama", both my own mother and my mistaken mother would answer. My relationship with my mistaken mother is more close too. Anyway, I never neglect or thinks that my own mom is not my mom or anything like that.

Previously, I always thinks that I have not done good enough when my own mom is still alive. After yesterday, I think I am far better and had done the best to please her. At least, I accompany her in hospitals each time she needs to stay in hospitals.

My cousin had invited my dad and me for a family gathering dinner yesterday. Surprisingly, she didn't invite her own mother. I was actually shock and felt awkward to be there when her own mother is left out from the "Family Gathering". What is the meaning of fa…