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Pullman Hotel

Kuching is becoming more and more advance with technologies and building. The latest hotels is known as "Pullman Hotel". As I got plenty of time to waste, I went there last Saturday to see for myself how big is the hotel. I can't believe my eyes when I saw that the hotel is really big. From the outside, it is definitely the best hotel I've seen so far. They have Hills shopping malls which schedule to open mid of this month.
The entrance of the hotel is guarded by security guard. I can see that they have quite a lot of customers already. Out of curiousity, I went into the hotel for a tour. Yeah, sound like someone who never been to a hotel! Anyway, the space is really big. They have a lot of cushions and small tables for people to sit down and relax. The decorations is nice too, very artistic. I'm not sure where they purchase all the decorations but it really suits the design and layout of the hotels.
I tried to find the way to their shopping mall but failed. So …

Hong Kong Bun - Xiao Ba Wang

Have anyone been to this place? I actually asked SK to help in translating them into English. According to her 'xiao' refers to small while 'ba wang' is gangster. Hhmmmm....
It is located right opposite the Stutong Market. BF say this is second branch. For me, this is the first time I saw it. This is a good place for 'pao' lovers to have their breakfast. BF and I went there once for breakfast since it's on the way to our workplace.
First impression - I like it here. Not much traffics and the place is clean. Second impression - what happen to the day dreaming waitresses?? I want to take my order! Third impression - do they know that we are waiting?
The food is nice. For BF, it is superb. He has been eating 'pao' for breakfast for almost everyday. Well maybe like what he say, for me everything is the same. But I must say the dim sum is nice.
Anyway, I think they should really improve the workers efficiency. The other day, BF forgotten whether he had pai…

Beggar on the Street

Have anyone ever wonder why there are people out there, who beg for money? In my opinion, it is either they are either way to lazy to work for money or they are just giving excuses to themselves.
Last weekend, while 'jalan-jalan cari makan' around Kuching area, I saw this couple wearing a super black specs, begging for money. The guy is playing violin while the lady plays God knows what instrument (I forgot what it calls) that is. My first impression is "Are they really blind?". Then second question pops up my mind is that if they are blind, how do they got there? There must be someone who send them. So, if there's someone who send them there, it means they are not alone. Then why do they beg for money if they have someone who is physically fit? I thought the blind association do teach some skills to them rather than sitting by the roadside begging for money?
Personally, I won't donate to them. Being blind doesn't give them the right to beg for money. I u…

Aerobics - Good Exercise for Everyone

It's been almost 2 years that I've joined aerobics classes. Most of the time, I always late to the centre due to my office hour and the time it starts. However, last week, I got lucky as I reached the centre earlier than usual. I guess it's because of school holidays is around the corner.
Anyway, I got bored and start snaping photos around the centre. My instructor reached there earlier too. So, while waiting for the time, she demonstrates how step aerobics is. I did attend her step aerobics classes but since it moved to 101, I didn't join anymore. I am way too lazy to drive there although premier 101 is quite near to my house. Anyway, for those who is wondering what is step aerobics, can come over my health blog and check out the video.

The aerobics starts with 15 minutes warming up session. I think I've memorizing all the warming up step. Hahaha... After that, we will do some tummy exercise before moved on to 'rotan' aerobics. Then, the next exercise would …