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Stop Animal Cruelty!!!!

I was reading some news of cruelty from SSPCA link and was really frustrated to see how HUMAN can do such a thing to animals!
Picture grab from SSPCA website

Often that we heard that humans are attacked by animals, but what about animals being attacked by human???? This makes me think that human are more cruel and heartless than animals. What a shame to those that acted so childish and immature towards animals. Yeah, so for those who read this and are part of the people in category of bullying animals, you heard me .. YOU ARE HEARTLESS AND DOES NOT DESERVED TO BE CALL AS HUMAN. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED AT YOURSELF AND I PRAY THAT YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DO TOWARDS ANIMALS! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!..

In Kuching only, there are many cases of cruelty done to animals. I thought that animals suppose to gives us more relaxation and happiness? Why is it that some people would do such a thing to them? Animals are so innocent and don't deserve to be a place for human to rele…
Food for Thoughts

Well ya!, I'm coming out of my hybernating mode and is posting something in my blog now. Receives this forwarded mail from a friend. Since it is about health, so I post it up in my blog to share with everyone here.... It's our health that we needs to takes care!

Five Worst Cancer Causing Foods There are some foods that people who are at high risk for developing cancer should definitely avoid. Generally, says natural health researcher Mike Adams, they should avoid foods that contain ingredients known to cause cancer, such as refined sugars and grains , hydrogenated oils, and nitrates. But which foods are the absolute worst?

The top five cancer-causing foods are:

1. Hot dogs
Because they are high in nitrates, the Cancer Prevention Coalition advises that children eat no more than 12 hot dogs a month. If you can't live without hot dogs, buy those made without sodium nitrate.

2. Processed meats and bacon
Also high in the same sodium nitrates found in hot dogs, bacon,…
Hibernating Mode ...

Just read AppleJul blogs about she putting herself into hibernating mode. Although I commented that no matter how sad or what, writes it out in the blog, etc, etc ..

Well, on second thoughts, hibernating is good too. Else, she might end up like me, posting weird stuff and talking nonsense non-stop.

So, guys & gals, I think, I'm taking AppleJul ideas of hibernating for a while until I'm ready to post something useful and meaningful and not just babbling .............
We Plan, He Decides

Actually, I'm a little bit upset now. I guess it is just a temporary thing that is in my head. Feeling upset and depressed over the unsuccessful plan.

At the early of today, I planned to take half day tomorrow to go to SSPCA to have a look at the puppies there. My bf says that he would accompany me, and able to take half day in the afternoon. Feeling happy and decides to go there tomorrow, I think what I need to do before going off.

First thing that comes into my head is FORECAST. Oh no! It's end month and I need to submit forecast by the 3rd working day. Yeah, you heard me. It's third working days. Since Saturday and Sunday is not consider working day, this means I still have time. Ok, so I can still go on with my decision. But then, I remember that I need to meet up with one supplier at 4pm. Aikss, how could I forget about it?? But then, this can be settle easily. It's 4pm and I can go back to office to meet him. So, I'm thinking that most probab…
Bread Vs Rice

When I had my lunch just now, I saw that some of the people there are eating bread as lunch. Actually, for me, those that eat bread for lunch is actually not as poor as what we think of.

We always says, save money so eat bread. Is bread really cheaper than eating rice? Hhmmm, for me, I don't think so. I went to one of the bakery shop in Kuching yesterday. Hotdog buns are RM1.30 and it is not enough to be taken as lunch. For me, at least eat 2 pc, which gives us RM2.60. Some people might need 3pcs, which the total would be RM3.90. With RM2.50, we can also eat one plain fried rice.

If I compare the price of food in my office cafe with the bread sold inside the cafe, still, eating rice is still cheaper. Fast food of 1 vege + 1 meat cost me RM1.90, while, simple garlic bread or tuna sandwich is already RM2.00. Whether or not I will feel full is another story.

If we are to compare in term of health, rice is much healthier choice than bread (my opinion). This is because brea…
How Fast Can You Type ?

77 wordsSpeed testHUHUHU .. typing degraded !! I stil remember that the lastime I play this game, I can reach up to 100 words !!!

I think there are some factors that involves when we accept this challenge. In normal time, we are relax, thus we can type faster. And this is a challenge, our mind and brain is thinking and taking it seriously, therefore, our hands tends to do more mistake. That's what I think. Hahaha.. Yaya, excuses!!

Another reason I could think of is weather. When I feel extremely cold, my hand actually freeze of and I feel very cold to even move my finger. Hehehe ..

Whatever the reason is, take this challenge and have fun ya!!
I receives this from a friend ... find it funny, so I post it up!

There is a dangerous virus being passed around electronically, orally, and by hand.

This virus is called Weary-Overload-Recreational-Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss, or anyone else via any means DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life completely.
If you should come into contact with WORK, put your jacket on and take two good friends to the nearest bottle shop. Purchase the antidote known as Work-Isolating-Neutralizer-Extract (WINE) or Bothersome-Employer-Elimination-Rebooter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.
Wednesday Blues

I am back again in my posting. Been quite a busy day for me yesterday with quite tight schedule the whole day. Here it goes :

8am : In the office, following up on one urgent shipment.
9am : Receiving bad news regarding the shipment.
10am : Another bad news.
12pm : Lunch time, again another rumors on the shipment, creating more havoc.
Afternoon : Going up and down, calling, talking, searching and replying customer request, non stop.
5.30pm : Rushing to aerobics.
7pm : Reaching home, bathe and eat.
8pm : Start doing reports regarding the shipments, while at the same time talking in skype with my cousin.
10pm : Too tired too move, so I slept...

This morning, waking up quite late, feeling so sleepy. I guess I still need some sleep. With a heavy breakfast, I feel more sleepy now. Sob sob sob ...

Today will also be a busy day for me to follow up on the shipments and helping my friend passing message here and there.. Haaiizzz, I think I wants to sleep!!

Actually, I still missing …
here's another wonderful tag from Rose

Here are the rules:You are about to send a virtual Message In a Bottle across the Blog Ocean.

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This is my message. ;p
So, if you are tagged by me, go over to Mimi’s and ADD your site to her Mr. Linky list and place your blog’…
Jobless Moment

While talking to my bf, suddenly we talked about something that strikes me to think of the time when I just graduate. As a jobless person that time, my schedule is very simple. Something like this:

9am : Wake up, sit down, looking at the wall for a while.
10am : Go out eat my brunch with my dad.
12pm : Come home, take my bath and watch a Indonesian movie at 12.30pm-1.30pm
1.30pm : Start my PC and start job hunting or resume updates.
2pm : Watch movie.. either chinese / latin / whatever movie.
4.30pm : Accompany my dad to pick my brother or sleep until they come home.
5pm : Take my bath and eat to get ready for movie at 6pm
6pm : Watch tv (Chinese drama)
8pm : Go out.
10pm : Come home, either watch tv AGAIN or become PIG.

Simple life huh?
Let's Play DominoThank you Rose for inviting me to play Domino with her. I cant remember when was the last time I play Domino!! Hahahah!

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My Scrappy Side

This time, I'm going to do some slight different by tagging this to other bloggers from the kuching blogger community ...

Tagging this to : EdwinLay, Ronnie,EileenYap, georgettetan,jasz8070
24 Feb 2007 - May You Rest in Peace After coming back from few rounds of shopping, I saw that my dog is breathing harshly. It seems like somethings not right. When I get near to him, he sound very happy, looking at me to pamper him. While washing my car, I look at him, breathing harshly. He turned his head, looking at me. I could sense that he is going away soon. Knowing that, I put aside my washing car mission and touch his head, telling him that it is ok to go. I can see him smiling like he always do when I pamper him. I guess he is waiting for me to come home before taking his last breath. When I get in for shower, he take his last breath by biting his tongue. My dad and I both feel very sad that he is no longer accompany us. He is such a good dog. 7.30pm marks the time that he left my family to be with my mom in Heaven.
I guess maybe because he is the first dog that I ever had, I felt very sad and depressed that he is gone now. I missed the time where I play 'football' with …