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Sushi King RM2 Bonanza Is Back!

It's BACK!!!

For those sushi lovers, mark your calendar now for the Sushi King RM2 Bonanza. It will be on the 18th - 21st October (NEXT WEEEEEEEK!!).

Actually I have not missed out any of the sushi king bonanza. Will mark my calendar for next week. Yeahhhh....

A Long Waits

Along the journey, We wait, Waiting for miracles, Or answers, And even for the day, The day that things will take a step forward.
It's been a long long journey, Long enough that kepts me waiting, Waiting for something, Or someone, Somehow, just tell me, When will the waiting ends?
Let's just pray, To keep faith growing, And keeps us patience,
Along the stop of our life.
Dear God, You know my needs, And the answer I'm searching for, Open my eyes and ears Lord, So I will see and listen, To your soft spoken answer

Farmville Upgraded

Previously, after playing Farmville for a while, I start to get bored and abandon my farm. However, seeing so many people still actively hookup into Farmville, it caught my curiousity to finds out what's new in Farmville.

WOW!! Farmville had really upgraded a lot. Now you can have you own spa and sales made from the spa.

I have even upgrade my vehicles and stored them in my garage...

And other fun stuff!

Interviewer's Expectation Towards Interviewee

Recently, I've been busy with work until there's not much time for blogging. One of the items that I'm busy is participation in interviewing people.

Most of us would always be the interviewee. Our thinking of what interviewer expectation would usually narrowed to what we think is the interviewer expectation. After becoming one of the interviewee, I finds out that what I think before this is totally wrong.

If you are called for an interview, what will you do? Ever think of what is the DO's and DON'Ts?

Here's some of the idea that I hope can help all those who are preparing for an interview.
Prepare for the interview. Find out what is the company, its business culture, stability and benefits. There's no point for you to attend the interview if the business structure contradicts with your interestFinds out possible question and the best answers for the questions. Sometimes what we think is the best answer may not be the best answer in real life.Be punctual. N…