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Caffeine Bad for Kids

While I'm driving my car, there is this two DJ - JJ & Ian on the morning crew talking of things and jokes, etc, etc. One of the topics interest me. JJ mentions that caffeine actually had an impact on kid.

By taking caffeine (coffee lor) when you are a kid, it can actually effect the kids' growth. Hhmmmmm, no wonder I'm so short. It must be the impact of caffeine! Arghhhhh!!!!! HHmmppffff!!!!

Ok, back to the topics. After listening to the morning talk, I did some google search on the impact of caffeine. Before this, my thinking of cafeeine is coffee. I didn't know that actually sweetened soft drink contains caffeine as well. Sodas too!! Wahhhhh....

According to a source, caffeine is "a stimulant which acts on the central nervous system to speed up the messages to and from the brain." Hhmm, scary......

Caffeine gives a bad impact to kids actually. Here are some of the impacts that I found while googling:
Increase nutritional dificiencies
Dental cavities

Stop Busy Body and Leave Elizabeth Wong Alone!

Before few days ago, I never know who she is, what her job is and what her responsibility to the nation. For me, apart of serving a nation, she too is a human being with feelings and hearts.

Yesterday when I watch the news about her what had happen to her, I felt sad for her. Why? Well, it's because there are so many people who don't think of what emotional state she is in at the moment and keep on disturbing her just because she is not a normal citizens without any publicity value! Yeah, I admit I'm just a small ant in this country and has no any other value for the paper.

What if what happens to her, happen to me? Will people come bugging me for news? The answer is definitely NO. So, just because she have value for the paper, therefore it gives you permission to bug her personal life? Come on lah! Give her a break! Show some sympathy and concern to her. Stop messing around with people's life!

What will you feel if someone keep talking about your ex-bf openly? How do you…

McD Promotion in February'09

Apart from the McValue promotion, McD has come out again with some other promotion. Wahhh, I guess economy crisis has really makes every eatery or outlets to think of idea in attracting customer to come to their outlets.

MCD is now having their best of the best promotion for all burgers or fast food fan. Hehehe... Not what I have in mind for my meal but the price is really irresistable!!

Breakfast: You can have your breakfast at McD with only RM5.00++!!
Lunch: This is what I love most!! They have Mc Value Meal for lunch from 12pm to 3pm!! Yes!!!
Dinner: When I talk about McD promotion for dinner, all I can think of is Big Mac..

McValue Lunch :
Breakfast & Dinner : (valid till end of Feb'09 only...)

Big Mac .... Wait for me !!!
Tummy Candling - Cool Experience

As most of my friend knows that I bought a Previledge Book 2009 and try to make use of the book, therefore, finally went to Scents for tummy candling experience. Well, firstly it's free! Secondly, since it's free, why not pamper myself with some new experience, right?

Frankly, if it is not for free, I will definitely not going there! It cost about RM88 for every 2 service you chose. I rather spend RM88 and pay more in my PTPTN. :)

OK, stop the crap. We (me and my pretty & sweet supplier a.k.a friend) went there at around 6pm. Well, the place close at 7pm and according to them, it takes only 15 minutes for the whole process. Showed the coupons to the person in charge, she directed us to upstair, into a room (separate room per person). Oh forgot, you must make an appointment first before you go. The place, overall is OK.. It's not fantastic, just OK. Hehehe...

The gal ask us to change into a so called 'sarung'. This means I have to ta…

Talcum Powder Causes Ovarian Cancer

While watching news on NTV 7, it caught my attention on this topics. Talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer? Gosh!! Stated in the news that those who uses talcum powder daily has 41% risk of ovarian cancer. That's a lot!!!!!!!

This mainly impacted on babies since babies would use powder almost everyday and each time they took bath. Well, question is why is it that the impact is only found today?

I'm a loyal user for Johnson & Johnson baby powder. Huhuhu, after I checked on the content, it shows that the powder consist of Talcum. Waaaa!!!! Heart-broken!!!! First, I just bought new big bottle of baby powder. Second, what am I suppose to put on if not Johnson powder??? The truth, I hate other powder's smell.. Huhuhu... Third, does this means that I have 41% risk of ovarian cancer? Alamak.. Helppppp....

Monday Blues

Yeah, once again DD are hit with the Monday blues since 8a.m when I clock in to work today. After the lazy and tasteless breakfast, again, sitting in front of PC is another day to go.

Tick tick tick.. that's the sound of the clock and yet the time never fly. 3.15 pm now and this means I have another 1 hour and 15 minutes to go. Somebody, please HELP ME!!!!

So what did I do today? Quite some work actually....Starting at 7.30am, I fill in a documents that need some signature. Then, went for my breakfast. At 8a.m, coming down from cafe, I have my round of morning walk. Weiiiiii, I'm not a big 'snake' ok.. What I mean is I go round having my morning walk to get signature for my documents. Went to A, B, C and D for signature. Then pass the document to a group name SM. After that, went back my place to settle revision of forecast and later to check some data. 15 minutes later, SM called to collect document for verification. Again, went to A and B for verification signature and…

Artificial Spicy Hot Pork

On the Chap Goh Mei, I had a very special set meal for my lunch. Hahahaha!!! I guess I better not make everyone keep guessing what I’m talking about…Tadaaaaa!!Yeah, I’m having a simple packet of mee as my lunch on CHAP GOH MEI! Well, this packet cost me RM1.55.. It is made in China (I think). The taste of this mee… All I can say is that if I keep eating this mee, I’m not going to go for “Lee Fah Mee” or “Maggie Mee” or “Myojo” or whatever which is locally made (except for Har Mee). The taste is superb and mee is much more better than any other packet mee I’ve ate!!! Hhmm, I think I sound like a promoter here but frankly, the taste is totally different and nice too.