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Tempozan Ferris Wheels & Marketplace

Tempozan marketplace is actually a mall, located within the Tempozan Harbor Village. There's game park (bigger than the one in Kuching), eatery and of course - shopping. We can get a lot of souvenirs here, the only problem is the cost for the souvenirs.

Tempozan ferris wheel is just beside this mall, with the diamete of 100 meters and stands at 112 meters tall. From here, you can have a good view of Osaka Harbor. One ride takes about 15 minutes.

At first, my initial plan of going to Tempozan Marketplace is actually to shop for souvenirs. However, it's really taking my breath away when everything that I touch, needs at least RM10! How to get souvenir to everyone when everything is so expensive? Sobs.. For example, a cute Japanese figured keychain would cost about JPY500, which is RM15++. Sigh!!

So instead, I walked around and tried some food that I never had before. You must be thinking how do I make my order. Its simple! I just point at the picture and show one. Hehehe ... I d…

Osaka Castle

From history, it looks like Japan has a lot of castles from ancient time. I can say that they really maintain these historical places well as everything still looks so tough.
The main door to the castle is as big as my house! And, I must say, everywhere looks so clean and accordingly. Even the trees is maintained and well feed. Haha ..

The workers here is very friendly and although they don't speak English, they have signs and notices in English.

I guess, I'll just show the picture to you all...

And the outside of the castle....

Osaka Park - Part I

From my hotel, I took the train to travel from Higobashi station to Nishi-Umeda station. This only takes about few minutes. Then, from Nishi-Umeda, I change to Hon-machi line to get to Morinomiya station. I must really say thank you to the hotel receptions lady who explains to me how to read the map of the trains. It really makes me life a whole lot easier.

I'm quite eager and excited to come here since I've heard a lot of good comments about Osaka Park and Castle from other attendees of the conference. When I reach Morinomiya station, I can see the Osaka Park. My first impression - "Wow!!" and then second impression, "Where's the castle?".

I can't really see the castle from where I'm standing. So, I go further ahead, walking around the park, saw this drink machine and bought one bottle of mineral. After about 10 minutes walking around the park, accompanying with the sound of the crow. Yeah, trust me, there's plenty of this birds over ther…

Kaiyukan, The Aquarium

Before my trip to Japan, I have tried the google maps to get me to Kaiyukan. When I'm there, everything looks just like what is in the maps. This really show how advance this country is. From my hotel, it takes about 15 minutes to get to Kaiyukan. Some of you must be thinking what is Kaiyukan. This is actually big aquarium full with facinating under water creature. I can't wait to see my lovely dolphin! Entrance fee is JPY 2,000 (roughly RM70+) and I rent the translation device which cost me about JPY300. Anyway, I'm a bit regret renting it because during the whole journey underneath, I'm way too concentrate looking at the animals that I didn't even listen to the device. lol.. Anyway, the fishes ...