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Toys Action Figure vs Guy's Maturity

A while ago, I went to The Spring with BF. He keeps on looking at the action figures toy at one of the shop while I keep yawning, accompanying him looking at them....He is no different than the 10 yr old kid beside him that time... (WHAHAHAHHAA)

Here are some of his 'pau pei'... Hhmmm, I wonder what will happen if i accidentally spoilt one of them (especially his bumble bee)Hhmmm, anyone wants to buy ???????

Second Cake for Me

I guess the pictures says it all .. Picture taken from ChingSecretGarden

Girls' Talk - Understanding Girls

Just now, while working, was talking to AppleJul, Ching and JenJen mainly on clothing topic. Then I realize that girls talk is always or almost the same everyday, most of the time.

Guys.. For those who is thinking of what girls like to talk about.. well, here you go...

Our main topicsssss :
1. Dress - night dress, office wear, casual wear, ANYTHING!!!
2. Food - yeah!! We often mention about dieting but FOOD is our major topic too!!!
3. Boobs - oppss, did I mention it ?? (Guys, never ever compare your GF main body part with other girls!!!!)
4. Butt - hahahaa, surprising??
5. Sleep - we enjoy sleeping, some of us calls it hibernating moment. Hahaha...
6. Movies - for me, all movies is a movies as it is a movie!

Hahahha.. top 3 can be consider as main topic everyday or almost everyday....

Girlssss .. anyone disagree????

Handy Tissue Box and Curtain for Sales (Part II)

As promise .. more pictures....Toilet rolls are sold at RM6.50 ... The design for toilet rolls and tissue covers is the same and only differs from the size.

Handy Tissue Box and Curtain for Sales (Part I)

I'm doing this promotion on behalf of my friends... Here goes with the pictures.. For those who is interested, you can drop me an email with the subject "Handy Tissue Box, Toilet Rolls and Curtain for Sales".

This valids until 31st Dec 2008

Tissue Covers : RM7.50/-
- Can be use as decorations at home, office and even in the car....

Curtain :
Long (90 x 150 cm) = RM 32/-
Short (90 x 90 cm) = RM 28/-
(more pictures to be up soon)


My Prezzie and BBQ (Part II)

OK, before this I posted on my presents and food before I BBQ. Hhmmm.. So now, is the food. Hahaha.. The BBQ is at the back of my house. It's raining and I'm glad the back of my house has been extended long ago. We start off with hot dogs.

Well, my choosy dogs keep barking to ask for some when she smells meat. We put her far away from the bbq set, as she is the type that is being excited. Hahaha ... The lamb is nice!!!! The beef.. errmmmm, I want lamb!!!

Hahaha... The chicken wing is nice too. The sauce that I bought is only RM3 and it really worth it. When I went to Boulevard, all the sauce are below RM6/-. HHmmppffff....

After the BBQ, my brother's friend came with the cakes. Yayaya, I got cake!!! The cake taste nice and I ate most of it. Hehehe .... He is doing this as a partime business. So if anyone wants to order.. Can drop me an email (only in Kuching).
Hhhmmm.. Am I left handed ?? Well, I don't know ...

Cakes contribute by EdsKitchen. For booking, please email me wi…

My Prezzie and BBQ (Part 1)

Hhhmmm, how should I begin with my stories. I guess this would be a very long posting for the day. Hehehee ...Got my prezzie from BF on Saturday. Hahaha.. I actually can't wait till today to get my prezzie from BF. He promised to give it on Saturday instead of on the actual day. In fact, I can't wait till Monday to open them. Hahhaa.. So, once the prezzie got into my hand, I quickly opens it (that explain how eager I am to know what's the item). Hehehe .. It's a watch .. Hehehhe.. yayaya, got new watch!!!

One year warranty ...

Well, the reason he gave me the watch is because I always do not wear watch when I'm out or to work. Whenever I wants to know the time, I'll ask him. Whenever I wants to know the date of today, I'll ask him too. Hahahaa .. This morning I told him, I have not read the time on watch for a long time. Didn't really get use of having a watch on my hand. Hahaha...
Speaking about the watch, when I got it, it is very big, so had to bring it …