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Intel Shutting Down Penang's Plant ????

This morning, I'm so shock when AppleJul sends me an article about Intel decision to shut down their Penang's plant. First impression - WHAT???? Frankly, I never thought Intel will go down.

Not that I'm supporting Intel or what, but I thought they are a very good company with good backgrounds. Why are they affected so much ?

What is happening in our world? More bad news to everyone. This is really bad. What or how will people survive when companies is closing down one by one? There is one sources says that this is the worse CNY gift to their employees. How can anyone celebrates CNY happily when thinking that they will not have any job soon?

Not only that the plant in Penang is shutting down but also in other countries. Intel in Manila, Phillipines will also be shutting down. From another source that I read, the company announce it to the employee via email. What the hack?? OMG! I hope my company here will not just send an email and tell us "GO HOME"..

All this news r…

Removing Advertlets, Stick with Nuffnang

Yes, finally I decided to removed Advertlets from my blog. Reason? Well, I wrote some review for them. One of it was paid to me after 1 mths ++. The other one, after more than 3 emails sent to them asking for updates, they still did not get back to me. That is almost 2 mths ago.

Well, if they continues with the proud attitude, I believe all the user will runs away sooner or later. Although I have RM50 inside, but I don't think I'll live to see that RM50 cash out into my hand. Might as well not hoping for it, right?

So, Advertlets, Sayonara to your lousy services. I don't mind if my account to advertlets are removed. Right now, I'm too frustrated with their service that I don't mind they will delete it.

I will stick with nuffnang for a time being and to see what they can offer you. Nuffnang, here I am !!

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