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American Toughest Job

Has anyone ever dream of getting one million dollar (or even RM) into our hands? I believe, there are times when we are so sick of our job that we wish we could win jackpot and not working for the rest of our life. Well, I am dreaming of that now. How sadly that this won't happen to me since I rarely visit the Toto shop. I had the thinking that not buying any ticket is already a winning. Hehehe....

I watched this series called the American Toughest Job. At the end of the battle, there will be one winner. This winner will bring home the money of the combine annual salary of all the jobs. The last job are bull fighting. This is very scary for me and three out of eight got hurt in this battle.

What if there is such competition in Malaysia? It's not neccesary to be the toughest job competition but something else where the price is extremely attractive. Will anyone join them?

In this movie, the best job so far that really opens my mind is the gold findings. They are to dig for gold in…

Michael Jackson, King of Rock Dies at Age 50

This morning, while driving to work, radio DJ had announced a very shocking news to the world. Michael Jackson had died at the age of 50!

The King of Pop died after being taken to the hospitals on Thursday after suffering from cardiac arrest. He is pronounces dead at 2:26pm. When he arrives at the hospital, Michael Jackson had been in the coma and later was pronounced dead.

He had been rehearsing for his round the world comeback tour in London in the coming month (July).

Personally I am not the loyal fan of Micheal Jackson. His images in me is the 'moon walk' that he used to do during his concert performance. Apart from that, I remember receiving gift delivered from New York that says is from him (until now, I do not know if this is true or false).


Let's pray for his as he had contribute his life in music firms and rocks the world with his voice. May he rest in peace.

Micheal Jackson 25th Anniversary Thriller :

A(H1N1) Detected in Sarawak

Few days ago, the first A(H1N1) had been detected in Sarawak. A 23 year old student from Melbourne had been confirmed to have A(H1N1) virus. The student reached Kuala Lumpur at 6.15am from Melbourne via MH 128 and his connecting flight back to Kuching, MH2504, arrived at 10.15am. He was seated at 30J onboard MH128 and at 11H on MH2504.

Couple of days before, I just wrote that there is no influenza cases in Sarawak. It seems like this virus starts to spreads to all over Malaysia. Definitely this is not a good news for all sarawakian!

Two more schools are temporary closed. One of them only close the morning session and not the afternoon session. I read an article that this virus can survive in normal temperature for up to 48 hours. I don't understand why is it that the afternoon session remains open. I can understand the worries for the parents of the afternoon session students. The school should take all steps including shutting down the whole school, not j…

Father's Day

Last Saturday, I celebrated Father's Day the cost saving way, that is, bbq myself at home. Well, my dad had to go to church for some special mass (not very sure the details).

So, that leave me to start the fire. This is actually the second time out of super many bbq that I had, that I actually start the fire by myself! It's not easy and I remember pouring the 'minyak tanah' (is it called gasoline in English?) several times. Hahaha!!

When BF, came, I quickly ask him to start the fire. According to him, the fire is already up. Well, being the super blur girl, I thought that it is still waiting for more gasoline. Hahaha! BF bring sweet corn.
Sweet Corn... Yummy

Yeah!! This means that apart from having chicken wings, hotdogs and lamb meat, I have corn for dinner. Can't wait to have a taste of it. I bought some apple sparkling juice too (2 for RM10, at Everise). Before the BBQ, I went to Everise with my dad and he sort of hinted me to buy the sparkling juice bah. Haaaaiihhz…

Transformer is Back, Ticket Fully Book

Transformer is back !!! I believe most of us already know about the next episodes of Transformer : Revenge of Fallen. I watched the previous one in cinema lastime. Trust me, must watch it in the cinema. The sound effect at cinema vs home is totally different!

Well, I think most people are transformer fans. I can see pictures of Transformer even at Petronas Station. They actually have promotion to buy the transformer action figure at RM16++. BF say the quality is bad. Not sure how true is this. Maybe he is comparing those at Petronas with his Bumble Bee.

I read in newspaper, also from radio that the ticket for Transformer (23rd and 24th June) is already on sale. Well, last Saturday, I checked it in newspaper. They had already put the photos of transformer into the schedule. What shock me is the ticket is already FULLY BOOKED. Alamak, why is there so many kids around us?

BF keep mentioning to go watch transformer twice. The first time, wear transformer t-shirt. Hhmmm, I think I'll brin…

Hilton Promotion - 21st June to 11th July

P/S: Receive the forward mail. Not sure how true, so it is better to check it out first ya..

21 June - 11 July 2009

Sunday, 21 June :
- The Hilton-BCCK Dash for Charity
- Brunch @ Waterfront Cafe, RM21++

Monday, 22 June :
- Lunch @ Toh Yuen, RM21++

Tuesday, 23 June :
- Wine Buffet @ The Steakhouse, RM21++ when you order the set menu

Wednesday, 24 June :
- Buy one beer, get one free all night long! @ Senso

Thursday, 25 June :
- 21% off all coffee @ Caffe Cino

Friday, 26 June :
- 210gm New Zealand sirloin steak @ The Steakhouse, RM21++

Saturday, 27 June :
- High Tea @ Waterfront Cafe, RM21++

Sunday, 28 June :
- BBQ Buffet Lunch @ Matang Terrace, RM21++

Monday, 29 June :
- Iced Shooters @ Senso, RM2.10++

Sunday, 30 June :
- Free flow of beer at the Dinner Buffet @ Waterfront Cafe

Monday, 1 July :
- Spend RM210++ on food in a single receipt and get a complimentary
bottle of wine @ Toh Yuen

Tuesday, 2 July :
- 21% off all coffee @ Caffe Cino

Wednesday, 3 July :
- Dessert buffet when you order lunch @…

H1N1 First Local Infection, School Closed Down

It's a shock in my country when the first local infection of H1N1 is detected. What worst is that, it is detected on a 11 year old primary school kids! Personally, this news is a bit scary although there is no cases (yet) reported back at where I stay now.

Result from the first local transmission, SJK (C) Jalan Davidson had been closed for a week. All teachers and students are being home quarantine. For kids, they may think that it is good to have holidays again but holidays at home is another story.

I have posted about H1N1 in my health blog regarding the travelling precautions. Also posted about this disease that has wipe out millions of innocent life back in our the early 1918 (55 mil innocent life!). Influenza Pandemic is even worst than AIDS! What is happening? Why is it there is disease so critically deadly? I believe only God knows why and we can only pray for the best.

The total H1N1 cases in Malaysia is increasing everyday. From what I have heard, we have 50 cases so far. In…