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St. Louis Mill

When you see the decorations that they have at St. Louis, bet that you won’t know that this is actually inside a mall and not some sort of zoo. I can’t really remember why we come here. I think is because one of my friends is looking for watch.

I like the way they decorated the place. With the ‘bumble bee’, the place is really amazing. I showed the ‘bumble bee’ to BF and he is really excited to see them. Lol!

That night, I do not have any intention to buy anything anymore. I still have some budget left for shopping but I don’t feel like spending more money. Oh well, we can only plan and He will decides for us, right?

It is so coincidence that we came across Levis shop. Not only that, they are having some sales and one jeans cost about USD19.90. Well, this is a bargain that we shouldn’t miss! I grab some of the size that I think would fit me. After so many rounds of trying them out, I finally got the jeans that I want. It cost me USD19.90 (roughly RM60). Back in Kuching, RM60 will n…


I must admit that I am amazed at how big the truck here can be. I look like an ants compare with the truck. Don’t believe? Haha.. I wonder if my leg can reach the pedal. Lol

St. Charles, Missouri

After some recommendation by our colleagues in US, we decided to go to St. Charles to experience some Christmas celebration here. This is one of the best part of the whole 2 weeks journey in US!

There are plenty of shops here. We didn’t went into all the shops as we just wants to talk a walked around the area. When we felt way too cold, then we will just storms into one of the shop to take shelter. Hehehe…

Anyway, I’ll just let pictures speaks for me. I didn’t take much photos here as my camera’s battery is blinking. Sigh!