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Valentine's Gift

Apart from being busy with CNY preparation, I guess some of us is also busy with another thing - Valentine's Day.

Most people thinks that Valentine is only for couples. NOT TRUE!!!! If you are married, take this chance to be alone with your spouse. If you are not married but not available, take this chance to have some sweet moments with the one. If you are single, take this chance and spent more time with your families. It's not true to think that "I'm single and I don't need to celebrate Valentine". Life is short. So, just go out and have a good meal. Hehehehe ......

OK. What to buy for our valentine? For guys, it seems like a tradition to include chocolates & flowers together with the gift. For gals, errrmmm, not fix, I guess. But, for me, no chocolates!!! Pleaseeeeee don't tempt me with those nice chocolates. Sob Sob Sob ... Half of me wants chocolate but half of me say chocolate = sweets = high calories... Aaaahhhhhhhh ........

Friends - Plenty But Few

I read one articles about friends. Does true friend really exist? I guess some of us would say yes, they do exist. While some would say no. For me, a true friends does exist but not forever. Why?

Let say, I have a friend name xxx. From firstime I met him till let say, 2 years later, he is a good and true friend. Always there for you, know what's best for you, etc etc etc .. Few years later, he got married, have kids, etc etc. Still is a true friend but is he really a true friend? He can't be there all the time for you as he got family to takes care. But, whenever you are in trouble, he listen, just can't be there. So, what is true friends?

Actually, for me, true friend can be define in a lot of ways. What do you mean by true? Always there for you or someone that would stand up for you and never betray you? That sounds like partner than friends. Betray? What do you mean by betray? Talk bad about you or steal your boyfriend or points out the bad of you?…
Happy Chinese New Year

As CNY is approaching and all of us is busy cleaning the house, decorating the house, shopping, etc etc etc .. Here I am with some Chinese New Year greetings .....

Bing bang bang,
Here dust there dust,
Here dirts there dirts,
It takes all bones to crack,
In making the home looks great.

Bing bang bang,
Naggings are all around,
Together cleaning the house,
Let's not forget,
We are one family.

Cleaning & decorating,
Making the home looks wonderful,
So should we too,
Making the house sounds home,
Cherish each family members with love.

One year past, one year comes,
Let's not mumbles,
In becoming older,
But celebrate,
That we still living.

New year, new beginning,
Let's all move forward,
Becoming a better person,
That's the success of life.

Here I am,
In the midst of the world,
Greetings to you all,
Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Valentines' note

New year brings new hope,
That bring us forward,
So as loves grows,
In time and faith.

Valentines once a year,
Each valentines are special,
For all that we know,
We live life once.

Who shall we love?
Who shall we choose?
Ask this to our hearts,
As God will guide us.

Knowing people is easy,
Falling in love is rare,
That's the reason,
In celebrate Valentines.

As times goes longer,
Human tends to neglect each other,
That's the reason,
In celebrate Valentines.

Daddy, mummy, uncles, aunties,
Whoever they are,
Celebrate valentines,
With all our hearts!

Happy valentines day!!!
Missing Someone

Thirst on throat,
Satisfy with water,
Thirst on heart,
Satisfy with patient.

There are moments in life,
Mind playing "leave me alone",
And when he's gone,
Mind playing "Missing him"

Time is precious,
Past can never be returned,
Future is always there,
But what would it be is unknown.

People comes and goes,
Leaving marks in our heart,
No matter what it is,
Missing them are there.

Nothing is unbreakable,
So as our hearts,
Even on enemies,
Thinking of them always there.
That's the feeling of missing someone.
First Glance - Love at First Sight?

Does anyone believe at love at first sight??? Well, I don't really believe in loves at first sight but I do believe there is something like attraction on first glance. Differences? We can't fall in love with someone whom we met for the first time but we will have attraction to know someone at first glance. Agree??

Me and my bf isn't really get to each other on first sight. For me, how I met him is a big question mark actually. I think it is God's work. I never know who is he in person but ever did receive his emails in work related. He is my supplier and actually, I'm not dealing with him at all. It just happens that the person I deals with resign and he took over it. At first, in work related, I am not that confident with new guy handling and are a bit aware how he do things. Well, then, on one Friday(I actually remember what date as I keep the date of all my training, hahahaha), before my training starts, I went to my office cafe…
Being Availabe or Not Available ??

Well, I just read some stories of my friend's blog on her comment about being single. Well, for me, I think it depends on how we look at it.

Some people are very busy that their life isn't fit to have another person there. Some others are so free and their life is very much in need of the other half. What I can say is that being not available is to commit ourselves with another person. Although not married, but still we need to be responsible on commiting into one relationship.

So, what is it about being available? It's about having al the freedom that you want, doing anything that you wish for and saying whatever things that you want to anyone. What else? It is also about having more close friends around and more time for ourselves. Is that all?

Then, what about being not available? Actually, nothing much change. Just that, we need to think of the other half before doing so. For example, if I wants to go for vacation. Shall I ask if he want…
Meeting Future In-Laws

Well, I think some people would felt very anxious or nervous when we mention about meeting our boyfried/girlfriend’s family, especially the parents. Some of us, on the other hand, might think it’s just a normal meeting.

I still remember, the first time I met my ex-bf parents, I didn’t feel anything. Hahaha !!! Not sure why, maybe I have confident on myself. For my current bf, well, I felt quite nervous meeting his uncle and aunties. Worst is when he wants to introduce me to his grandaunt. That time, I’m not ready, thinking here and there and thought of freak out. Hehehe .. But, as I see my bf face, I felt a little bit calm…….. So, how is your first day meeting your lover’s family????

Hehehe…. Tonight is the first time my bf met my dad. Actually, the first time is in hospital. Hahaha! I never ever thought of hospitals as the first place for him to meet my dad. That is a little bit not formal and too sudden. I guess, it’s God’s way of doing things since I’m the type …
My Favourite TV Series - Heroes

Hehehe, although I skip some of the movies, but still I enjoyed watching Heroes. It is a very nice and imagining movies. Kekeke...

The character that I like the most is Peter Petrelli. He has the ability to absorb other people's power. (pic taken from So powerful oh !!! Hahahaha ...

Ok, here are some of the heroes character in this tv series ....

Niki Sanders - ability to change into another person, Jessica

Claire Bennet - ability to heal

Peter Petrelli - ability to adsorb ppl's power

Nathan Petrelli - ability to fly

Hiro Nakamura - ability to teleport and stop time

Mohinder Suresh

Simone Deveaux

Isaac Mendez - ability to draw the future

Micah Sanders

D.L. Hawkins - ability to walk through walls

Matt Parkman - ability to read ppl's mind

Who is HEROES fan ???

The Spring - 10 days later

I went to The Spring again!!!

Hhmmm, there are still a lot of people around the shopping mall, fitting room is still fully occupied and car parks is also quite full.

Compared to the first day, I can say that it is not that crowded anymore. Else, I won't be able to take any of my photos without interruptions. Hahaha....

I went to F.O.S again but still, unable to try any of the shirts. Reason is still the same as the first time. The queue going to fitting room is still quite long. Hhmmm ...

Anyway, there are some CNY stall now compared to the firstime. Hehehe .... After few walks, I felt so tired and just sit there, take another photos of The Spring........
Chinese New Year Rush

Last weekend, I went to Kenyalang to see the table clothes, cookies and some other CNY stuff. The people is not as crowded as last year but the stuff sold is still redish. Hehehe.... As the rat year, I saw a lot of rat decorations around. Hhhmmmm... It's not a good year for me in term of health. It say I will get injuries easily. Sob sob sob ...

Ok, the rush isn't there but people are starting to set up the stalls and goodies. CNY songs are everywhere, in each shops. Hehehe, anyone in CNY mood now? I am more into holidays mood.

Only did some cleaning here and there but my house is still in a mess!! A lot of items that I want to throw away, but later my dad picked it up again and keep it at place where I can't see.. Haaiizzzzzz .... So far, I just clean the back doors, front windows, gardening and a bit of washing. There are plenty more to do. Haaiizzzzz .... Hope I have enough weekends to clean the house.

Anyway, CNY isn't about cleaning the house onl…