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My Chicken Restaurant

Where would you usually go in looking for fried chicken? I believe most of us would go to KFC. At least, for me, one of the choices would be KFC.

In getting out of idea where to have lunch, we (lunch partner in office) decided to try something new and fresh. Here we are - My Chicken Restaurant at the Tabuan new shopping complex (sorry, not so good with my location description).

Not only they have fried chicken, they also have all variety of dishes that serves with chicken. Lol! Chicken rice, fried chicken rice, nasi lemak, burger .... price wise, its reasonable - at least cheaper than some food stall.

Anyone hungry?

My House

Lately, I've stuck myself at my new house. I'm still staying with my dad because my new house isn't ready yet.

HB have been hardworking too. Almost all of the works done in our house is done by our ownselves - of course with some help from experts.

Lighting - HB and his friend had been installing the downlight for almost 2 wks now..
Water heater - We finally got the heater installed.
Fans - There's 3 fan in our house: master bedroom, guest room and living room
Curtains - some parts in the house, we didn't use curtains. But for some, HB grill the curtain stick on. I'm still searching for curtains
Garden - the most tiring moment will definitely be gardening!! After 2 days of hard work, we finally 'killed' all the grass in our small garden area. HB bought jambu tree already and is eagerly thinking of planting them this weekend.

Next to be done - kitchen and wall painting touch up.

Can't wait to move in......

Family Cafe Dinner

Anyone knows or been to this place? For me, this cafe is full with memories. When I'm kid, my parents always bring us out for dinner here as it is near our house. Also, the price is quite reasonable.

Out of the blue, hubby tell me that he wants to eat outside. WHen we reach there, we are the first customer. Lol! At 5.15pm, I'm definitely the first customer to eat at any restaurant. Hehehe...

A must have things to have will always be chillies. Hehehe...

Here's what we've ordered...