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Konichiwa! Ohayo Gozaimasu!

Yeah, I'm putting some Japanese into this blog. Thanks to my friend and colleagues that just came back from Japan. Well, I guess he went there quite often since he is working at a Japanese company. Shall I ask him to buy more? Hahaha....
The first gift is a lady dress in white, I think she is greeting 'ohayo'. He get this as a token of appreciation for us during his friendly trip over to Kuching. The second is from a colleague. A keychain of a girl dress in kimono. He bought this during his paper presentation last month.
Aren't both of them match to be on my table? Hehehe....
OKOK, I know I have to watch out for 5S ... Hhmmmm.... The deer is actually last year Christmas present. It is actually chocolates but I couldn't bring myself to eat it... Well, expires already and since then it stays on my table...
So apart from that, I have food from Japan too. Well, I don't know what they call this but it taste nice and is not very sweet which is good.

Gift Donations for the Kids in Rural Area

As Christmas is approaching, my church had appeal for gift donations for the kids in rural area. The gift must be wrap nicely and place at the special designated box.

I would definitely prepare some gift every year. I take it as a way of donations since I always forgets to bring my wallets during the mass. Last year, I've prepared three sets of presents that contains pencils, pen, color pencils and other stationery items.

Last Sunday, Father Lim had made an announcement regarding what items we should get. I almost laughed when he says that there are some presents containing plates and some of it broken before arriving at the rural areas. Some other gifts are electrical goodies. In order not to angered anyone, he mentions that it is very kind of us to get expensive stuff for the kids but what can a 5 year old do with plates or electrical stuff?

So, since he made the announcement, I doubt I'll be getting stationaries as everyone might be buying that now.

While shopping around Boulev…

The Most Expensive Parking in Kuching

Have anyone wonders where would be the most expensive parking?

Will it be at The Spring? Or Hilton? Or is Merdeka Palace? What about Four Point Hotels? In common sense, five stars hotels should charge higher price of parking.
Well, the other day, BF and I went to Wisma Saberkas. I can't recall the lastime I step my feet there. Before I manage to stop BF, he drove his car to the loading bay for parkings. As Kuching-lang, I know that the parking that is expensive (but I didn't know that it's hell out of expensive!).
After 2 hours and 3 minutes, we walked out of Saberkas. When we proceed to the counter, we are amazed at the charges..
RM14 for 2 hours and 3 minutes!Later we found out that the charges are :
1st half hour - RM1
2nd half hour - RM1
3rd half hour - RM2
Subsequent half hour - RM5This is definitely ridiculous because the parking is NOT SECURE and it's not at high class 5 star shopping mall or hotels!!!!

My House Is My Dog's Playground

Recently, my dog is being quite misbehave. She is starting to chew on things like cushion, fake flowers, wyre and even screw driver! Even if I've kept the stuff as high as on top of the cabinet or tv, she seems to know her way up to get what she wants.
When we went to Serian, Pooh is showing her ability to 'decorate' the house. She pulled out the cushion (I've already put something to prevent her from taking them) with God knows what tactic and starts to chew on it. Not only that, she take the fake flowers from the table and play too! I think she got up the table by jumping up the chair and then up to the table. I found out there's two screw driver on the floor. Flowers and cushions bits and pieces everywhere
I got very mad with the little 'decorations that she had made. I shouted at her, saying "Pooh very naughty!". In a glimpse of eye, she run and hide underneath the cabinet. Sheeshhhh... Why is she doing what she not suppose to do knowing that it&#…

23% KWSP Member States Their Beneficiary

In Kosmo today, one of the news that interest me is the beneficiary for the KWSP member should the member died.

Well, sadly to say I'm one of the 77% that did not mention about any beneficiary. I didn't know whether or not I mention as since day one, I did not go to the building to check and update it.
Many of us did not think that it's necessary to update the beneficiary. But who can guess the future? What if something happen and the money goes to God knows what fund?

As a KWSP member, we really should check from time to time to make sure that the money will not be gone if we died. There are a lot of cases where family members of the KWSP personnel fail to withdrawn the money of their loves one as there's no beneficiary stated for the deceased.

I'll be planning to take half day to update my beneficiary and at the same time, cancelling my credit card.

It's Shopping Again

I can't remember when is the lastime I went to shop for clothes or anything like that. Mostly are the bad economics that has been pulling me from thinking of spending anything unnecessary.
Things are getting better in quarter 3, starting with the good news of the withdraw of unpaid leave. All this is history now and this month, again, I'm stuck with unnecessary spending (but for girls, I think this is called compulsory spending). Hehehe.....

So, what have I got myself? Well, lately my pimples is coming back again. I think its time to switch cleanser. So, I headed to Guardian to get the "Simple" cleanser. Lastime, this brand manage to get rid of my pimples. Not sure if it will still works or not this time. I bought a lot of stuff at Guardian, some of it will never be in my list if it's not for the stress of not spending for previous monthss...

Got 5 sticker. Anyone have the sticker? I want the elephant!

Firming mask, cleanser, toner, cream, etc...
Then, while 'eye&…