2012 - The Movie

Hhmmm, I guess everyone should already watched this movie.

I bought the dvd last week and watched this movie at home last Sunday. In the movie, an American geologist travels to India to meet a friend, whom discovered that neutrinos from a massive solar flare had penetrate the Earth, causing temperature increase. He went back to Washington D.C to inform the White House Chief that this activities will eventually brings to the end of the world. All the head of the state are made inform of the situation which triggers a secret project that intends to ensure the continuity of the human life. Micro quakes strikes the Earth in 2012, causing small quakes in the Earth's surface. Millions falls victim to the earthquake and tsutnami too had taken lifes of millions of people. Members of the churches gathered in the church, praying and others waiting for their time to die.

This movies makes me think. What if the ends of the world is really here? What are we going to do? Basically, there's nothing that we can do to stop this from happening. All of us have our dreams and life to goes on until the day arrives. I bet all of us will always think of becoming rich, debt-free and even dreaming to strike jackpot. But if this days comes, even if we have 10 billions, there's nothing we can do to stop all this from happening.

I've read about the Revelations Day where Jesus will comes for the second time. This chapters also tells what is about to happen before the revelations day is here. Natural disaster, wars, etc ...

It makes me thinks that we should cherish our life and live with joy and thank God for everything that we have. Pray to Him at least once a day, asking for forgiveness and thank Him for everything. When the day comes, there's no way to run.

Anyway, this is just a random post from my random thoughts of life.


Rose said…
I also watch it last Sunday.
Anonymous said…
God made universe, Men made money.
Dav DiDi said…
Rose, it's nice, right ...

Hobo, yeah agree with u .. God creates relationship for unity, man creates bombs for wars

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