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Farmville Upgraded

Previously, after playing Farmville for a while, I start to get bored and abandon my farm. However, seeing so many people still actively hookup into Farmville, it caught my curiousity to finds out what's new in Farmville.

WOW!! Farmville had really upgraded a lot. Now you can have you own spa and sales made from the spa.

I have even upgrade my vehicles and stored them in my garage...

And other fun stuff!

3 tell DD:

Rose 2:20 PM  

Hahaha! You are hooked back to Farmville har?

Dav DiDi 8:09 AM  

Haha.. ya lor .. but not as addicted as before :)

Aries 1:55 PM  

Hey, I am a great fan of farmville too. Now I am also playing frontierville, try it, but needs a lot of patience to complete all those tasks given. Have a nice day to you.

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