perfect love..

Love is. Living in the moment

Love is.. Realizing what you've lost

Love is.. Forgiving another's mistake

Love is. Forgiving yourself.

Love is. Learning to let go

Love is. Giving someone wings to fly

Love is. Sharing someone else's happiness

Love is. Accepting who you are Love is. Healing through the heartbreak

Love is.. Making sacrifices

Love is.. Embracing the good and bad in life

Love is.. Willingly making room for people in your heart Love is.. What you're born with

Love is. There when you least expect it to be

Love is. Being brave enough to cry

Love is. Hearing with your ears but listening with your heart

Love is. Being hopelessly flawed Love is. Trying your hardest to understand someone

Love is. Expecting nothing in return

Love is. Having no expectations Love is. Never questioning why

Love is. Finding your way home

Love is. Adapting to change

Love is. A long journey of self discovery But most of all..

Love makes you who you truly are.


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